John stops by Iva's apartment to see the new baby, MJ, and Jason Benedict answers the door. While Iva and Jason try to explain that nothing happened between them John plays with Aaron on the couch. This is February 1993.
John plays with Aaron while Iva and Jason talk.
More playing...
Aaron, baby MJ, Iva, and John.
Iva and John are disagreeing about something and apparently are boring MJ.
...And Aaron.
Aaron and Jennifer Munson practice their runway walking for Barbara's BRO fashion show.
Julie helps Aaron with his modeling practice.
Holden (who doesn't know that Aaron is his son yet) asks Andy to take a picture of him and Julie with Aaron.
Andy, who obviously knows the truth, is uncomfortable.
Julie's not too happy as they pose for the picture.
Caleb wanders into the back of the "family portrait."
At the end of the show, Aaron and Jennifer Munson show off BRO's new children's line. This is Aaron with Julie.
Julie tries to get Aaron to spin.
Aaron and Julie, that's Jennifer in the background.
The end of the fashion show.

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