Birthday 1993
Mother Jessica Griffin
Father Duncan McKechnie
Siblings half-sister, Beatrice McKechnie
Aunts Fiona Griffin (Jessica's sister)
Uncles Lamar Griffin (Jessica's brother)
Nieces and Nephews Whitney McColl (Beatrice and Brian's daughter)
Brian Duncan McColl (Beatrice and Brian's son)
Played By

Carolyn Aimetti (baby)
Chloe Morris (child)

Napiera Danielle Groves (adult)

Misc. Facts Bonnie's parents, Jessica and Duncan, divorced when Duncan went back to his previous wife Shannon O'Hara (who, as it turned out, hadn't had her head shrunken and sent to him).

Bonnie's sister Beatrice lives in Scotland (presumably) with her husband Brian and their children. Duncan left town a while later and hasn't returned. Jessica is currently the DA in Oakdale.

Bonnie has done some major aging in the 8 years since her birth. She's now back in Oakdale and she's 21!

She returned in August of 2001. She had just run away from an engagement to a Duke of Glasgow. Her father Duncan came to Oakdale to see if Jessica had seen Bonnie but she hadn't. Bonnie's first scenes back in Oakdale showed her dropping her towel in the Lakeview (which was promptly witnessed by her godmother Lisa Grimaldi). Bonnie is a pain-in-the-butt princess who is disgusted at the idea of having to get a job. She offended a customer at Fashions and Lisa decided that was not the place for her to be working. Bonnie is now a waitress at Java Underground and is busy offending people there.

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