Bob and Kim tell Don that Kim is pregnant when he returns for Chris and Nancy's 50th wedding anniversary in April of 1986.
Don then tells them that his wife Mary is also pregnant!
Following Bob's father Chris' death, Kim tells Bob that she wouldn't think of naming their baby, if it's a boy, anything but Christopher.
Bob and Kim decide to name their baby Christopher if they're blessed with a boy.
This is probably Adam Hirshan playing baby Chris, with his parents Bob and Kim Hughes. These few pictures are from Thanksgiving 1986. The baby was crying throughout this scene. They tried playing with him, but that didn't work.
The bottle quieted Chris down for a while...
But that didn't last either!
Bob reads a Christmas story to Andy, Kim, and baby Chris on Christmas 1988.
Casey, the doctor who delivered Chris, comes to the Hughes house to drop off gifts from his family. Lyla couldn't come because she was very pregnant at the time.
Frannie holds Chris while talking to Nancy and Bob on Christmas 1989.
Chris puts the last ornament on the Hughes Christmas tree.
Chris putting the last ornament on the tree.
Chris salutes while Bob raises the flag. The people in the background include... Lyla, Kate, and Cal.
Bob, Kim, and Chris light their Christmas candle from Tom's in 1991.
Chris is playing a game with Andy's then-wife Courtney.
Courtney says that Chris is winning every game they play.
Courtney's surprised when Chris asks her when she's going to have a baby. She laughs and says not for a long time hopefully. Chris says he wants another niece. Kim explains that Chris misses Carrie, Frannie's daughter.
Chris talks to Courtney.
More talking with Courtney.
Funny faces, that's Margo in the background.
Chris asks for some more ice cream before bed, but gets turned down.
Chris is told it's time for bed.
Andy takes Chris up to bed and reads him a story.
Lisa, Nancy, and Chris on the 40th anniversary episode from 1996. Chris is played by Christian Siefert.
Chris watches while John plays with Adam and Casey.
Chris (in the middle) is about to play ball with Adam and Casey in the Hughes house.
Dan talks about the turning world and love, while Adam, Casey, and Chris look on.
Left to right, Bob, Lucinda, John, Lisa, Barbara, Hal, Margo, Tom, Nikki, Mac, Nancy, Chris, Lily, Dani, and Kim
Chris talks to Penny at the Hughes Christmas celebration this year. This is Paul Korver playing Chris.
Emily arrives with Daniel and surprises Lisa and Penny.

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