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-Jan 2-4, 7-11, 14-18, 22-24 1985; Feb 27 - Apr 14 1986; Apr 15-18, 21-25, 28-30 1986

1) March 5, 1991 - Courtney and Andy, before Ellie and Kirk's wedding, Julie's pregnant in Park Forest, Iva and Lisa visit Julie, Larry tracks Frannie to Puerto Rico, Larry calls Susan to thank her, Bob goes over to Susan's, Larry and Frannie spend the day at the beach (on location)

2) March/April 1991 - Bob just shot and in surgery at Memorial; Sabrina and Tonio in Montega; Tonio flashes back to shooting Bob; Duncan in Montega looking for Sabrina; Susan tells Larry about her feelings for Bob; Tonio grabs Sabrina and runs thru the jungle; Duncan rips off shirt while running thru jungle after Sabrina and Tonio

3) Summer 1991 - Jessica and Duncan hide their relationship, Margo questions Arthur and Gavin, Evan shows up at Courtney's window, Ellen and Susan at the Stewart Cabin, Courtney faints and goes to the hospital, Iva and Andy talk about adoption of Aaron

4) Late 1991 - before Frannie and Darryl's wedding, Connor took Lucinda's company, Linc and Connor romance, Ellie and Kirk together at Yacht Club, Dana's pregnant with Carolyn and Darryl's daughter; Margo, Tom, Lyla, and Cal talk about Iva, John, and Aaron; Iva and Emma talk about bringing Aaron home; Margo and Tom chill at home; Hal calls Margo; Frannie and Darryl visit Tom at home

5) November 1991 - Courtney and Andy just broke up; Dana graduates from beauty school; Tom tells Margo that Darryl is Jennifer's biological father; Duncan and Jessica come clean about their love for each other; Kira has charges pending against Duncan; Caleb and Angel sleep together; Lily and Holden just got married; Larry and Susan in bed when Bob arrives; Tom brings up John Eldridge to Lisa; Jennifer's birthday party at Darryl and Frannie's

6) November - December 1991 - Duncan is exonerated; various couples have breakfast in bed; Cal's first nite at Lyla's; Lisa's wacky dream of Margo, John, and Helen Eldridge all dressed in white; Grant helps Lisa get through the John Eldridge return; Susan and Larry romance

7) February 1992 - John sneaks up to Iva's apartment and spends the nite; Barbara in NYC with Paul; Nicole Van Doren visits Oakdale; Margo and Tom on the leather couch in Gavin's office; midnight to Valentine's Day at the Mona Lisa

8) February 1992 - Valentine's Day dance at Oakdale University; Andy and Evan get into a fight; Courtney binges and runs to Evan; Andy sleeps with Meredith; Simone moves into Lyla's

9) February 1992 - Sean Baxter returns; Hal's working undercover as Harold Gleason; caller ID box found in Tess' room; Courtney and Evan talk about sex; Gavin is arrested; Arthur is stabbed in prison; Ned Simon visits Emma; Linc and Marcy marry; Marcy works with Lucinda

10) February - March 1992 - John visits Duke and Lien in New Jersey; Iva joins John in New Jersey; Gavin on trial; Marcy pretends to be pregnant; Lisa thinks about John and Thomas Eldridge; Emily in town (Melanie Smith); Kirk and Ruth Mansfield play tennis; Frannie sets Carrie's adoption for April 15

11) February - March 1992 - Courtney and Evan together; Connor learns Marcy's pregnant with Linc's baby; Iva's in NJ visiting Duke and Lien with John; Gavin's trial; Lily and Holden babysit Aaron; Emily's visit continues (Melanie Smith)

12) March 1992 - Thelma's first day working for Lucinda; Kirk's kids come to town; Barbara turns against Gavin; Emily calls Susan and Larry and tells them about Gavin's arrest; Lisa flashes back to John Eldridge; Cal, Lyla, Susan and Larry argue through dessert; Margo and Tom visit Arthur in the infirmary; Aaron's adoption and party at John's; Barbara visits Gavin, then stays with Bob and Kim; Duncan and Lucinda try to acquire the Riverfront Project

13) March 13, 1992 - Lily's pregnant; Ned, Emma, and Woody; Hutch and Tess; Margo, Tom, and Barbara; Kim and Lisa; Jennifer was conceived in Rome two years ago

14) March 1992 - Duncan feels awkward around Jessica's friends; Lucinda has a funny cartoon nightmare; Barbara attempts to tell Darryl and Frannie about Jennifer but gets interupted

15) May 5, 1992 - Scott arrives; John Eldridge is ill; Lisa tells Scott that he's her son; Linc, Lyla, Cal, Lucinda, Scott, Lisa, John, Helen Eldridge, Marcy

16) May 10, 1992 - Emma flashes back to Ned; Lisa returns to Oakdale from Park Forest; Scott says it's too late; family gathers at Tom and Margo's; Lisa arrives and discusses Tom and Scott with Nancy; Lisa tells Tom about his brother; Duncan and Jessica in New York discussing minority rights; Susan and Larry make up after a fight; John Eldridge dies; Tom refuses to discuss it with Lisa; Margo tries to help Lisa and Tom; Carrie's nursery is finished; Lisa tells Bob and Kim about Scott; Andy helps Simone at Oakdale University; Tom discusses his feelings with Bob and Kim; Linc is divorcing Marcy, who's pregnant; Tess and Hutch are dating; Tess is a theater major at Oakdale U.; Larry and Susan are going to Montega; Jessica and Duncan visit Edinburgh and Beatrice; Andy takes photos at play rehearsal when a fight breaks out

17) May 23 - 26, 1992 - Thelma, Sabrina, and Rosanna

18) May 1992 - Funeral at Park Forest; bigots expelled from Oakdale University; Darryl leaves for Des Moines; Margo helps Lisa up at Park Forest; Oakdale finds out about Scott; Duncan stays on in Scotland while Jessica comes home; Susan and Larry help out at the clinic in Montega; Linc leaves town to go to Texas

19) June 10 - 17, 1992 - Margo hangs with the kids at Frannie and Darryl's; Susan and Larry spend their last day of vacation together, are engaged, and just got home from Montega; Margo investigates George Jessup for Frannie; dinner at the Mona Lisa with all of Oakdale; Lily begins spotting in her pregnancy; Ruth Mansfield is in town at yacht club with Andersons; Lily miscarries the baby at home; Lyla sings at the Mona Lisa; Josh arrives to comfort Lily, along with the rest of the town; Iva speaks to Doctor Samuels, discusses her and John's use of condoms and her shock at being pregnant

20) July - August, 1992 - Lyla learns about the Navajo from Simone; Frannie reads half the letter from Gavin; Susan, Larry, Jessica and Duncan at the Yacht club after hours; Connor and Scott sleep together; Duncan and Jessica discuss their future, in bed; Susan and Larry announce their engagement, get together at the yacht club after a stockholders meeting; Hal rents a boat and takes Barbara out to sea; Holden overhears Lucinda and Iva say that he and Julie are Aaron's biological parents; Margo and Tom in Cape Code; Hal and Barbara make love

21) August 1992 - Barbara thinks about Darryl being Jennifer's father; Hal and Barbara make love again on the boat; Frannie speaks with Dr. Michaels about Darryl; Scott and Connor have an afternoon rendezvous that's interupted by a pager; Jessica and Duncan have a picnic and discuss her taking his name after they're married; Emily's off to the yacht club for lunch (Kelly Menighan Hensley); Ellie and Lily arrive to talk with Lucinda; Courtney flashes back to talking with Evan; Lucinda finds Lily holding Aaron out on the farm; Connor tries to tell Frannie about her past with Darryl; Seth, Angel and Caleb hang out at the farm

22) August 13, 1992 - Julie, Seth, Caleb, Holden, a few days after Margo was raped; Emma in NYC with Seth; Iva and John to be married; Holden is missing; Darryl and Frannie split up

23) October 10, 1992 - Bob and Susan in Montega; Iva and John to be married again; Holden in the hospital in NYC; Carolyn Dana is sick with a high fever; Ned and Cal look for Holden; Julie comes clean about seeing Holden in NYC; Susan and Bob are kidnapped in Montega to help Tonio by performing an apendectomy; Iva and John at the farm; Emma learns the truth about Aaron

24) November 19, 1992 - Holden back at the farm meeting everyone "for the first time;" Duncan and Jessica return from Montega; Meg and Josh at the Snyder's; pre-Thanksgiving Day dinner at the Hughes and Snyder's; the squash makes an appearance; Sabrina is in town; Hal is "dead"; Hutch and Rosanna are together; Susan and Larry are married; Evan takes an HIV test; Emily and Royce are seeing each other; Courtney and Andy get engaged; Lyla, Cal, Simone, and Leslie speak of the Navajo; after Thanksgiving


26) January 1993 - John sleeps with Lucinda while trying to get back with Iva; Lily isn't speaking with Iva or Lucinda because of the lies about Holden and Aaron; Emma isn't speaking to Iva because of the lies about Aaron; Caleb gets admitted to the police academy; Jessica is pregnant and is working on the law team in the case against Elroy Nevins; Jessica and Duncan buy a house in Tom and Margo's neighborhood; Tom knows Hal is alive and keeps the truth from Margo; Lyla and Kate visit New Mexico; Holden gets his driver's license again with Julie's help; Cal and Lyla don't see eye to eye and Cal leaves after dinner in New Mexico (Ellen Dolan as Margo)

27) January 1993 - Elroy Nevins trial; Lyla in New Mexico; Iva and John are apart; Iva's pregnant; John and Lucinda sleep together; Royce and Emily are seeing each other; Tom getting to know Scott; Royce and Neal are mysterious; Holden learns about his past; Iva gives birth to MJ; Emma is partial to biblical names

28) Feburary 7 - 11, 1993 - Marcia, Holden's ex-doctor, is at the farm helping out; Royce mentions that Lucinda and Neal and he are all related; Bob tests Mac for Alzheimer's; (new opening credits); fashion show fundraiser for AIDS wing; Barbara runs the fashion show with Aaron and Jennifer modeling; Lyla sings; Ellie returns; Jessica and Duncan move into their new home; Lucinda sees Dr. Michaels and speaks about her past and family

29) April 1993 - Bonnie is a newborn; Patricia Kingsley visits Duncan and Jessica; Penny and Don try to help Nancy and Mac make future arrangements; gathering at the Hughes'; Bob in Croatia; Martha Byrne returns as Lily; Emily and Royce in Malta (on location in Italy)

30) May 13 - 20, 1993 - Kirk jumps to Worldwide from Walsh; Margo visits Hal's grave; Damian meets Lucinda in Oakdale; Duke pops up in Oakdale at the hospital; LJ McDermott is in town; Damian gets Connor and Emily to join forces; Caleb is shot at Mable's while dining with Julie; Lily visits with family and overturns her adoption by Lucinda; Andy and Courtney sell their Walsh stock and are debt free

31) May 25, 26, 1993 - Caleb returns, sees Lucinda; Hal is dead, but Tom knows the truth; John tells Tom that Duke is dropping out of school and wants Lien to help; Janice Maxwell is a patient at Memorial; Hal visits with Tom who gets angry with him; Margo and Craig reunite (Glynnis O'Connor as Margo); Margo finds Hal alive and in her house; Montgomery and Walsh merge; Duke returns and tells everyone that he and Lien broke up; AIDS wing dedication at the hospital in honor of David Stewart; Iva and John together; Hal returns to Alva, KY; Claire tells Barbara that Hal's alive, and he shows up; Ellie returns

32) June 1993 - Damian is opening a casino, Oakdale opposes it; Holden asks questions; Aaron is turning two; Seth and Angel are in town to meet Damian; Holden to tape Patterns show; Courtney gets accepted to Oxford program; Walsh Montgomery board meeting; Damian hires Andy to take pictures of Lily's opening nite; Dinner party at Barbara's; Kim talks about joining Bob in Montega; party at Yacht club for Connor's success; Jessica consults for Lucinda's Worldwide company; Holden learns the truth from Caleb at Aaron's party; Evan falls in the pool drunk

-Various episodes from December 18, 1989 through June 21, 1990
-Various episodes from March of 1991 through September of 1993
-Various episodes from December 26, 1995 through April 30, 1996
-Various episodes from May 1 through July 9, 1996

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