Barbara Ryan Paul Ryan (with James Stenbeck)
Jennifer Munson (with Darryl Crawford)
Will Munson (with Hal Munson)
Johnny Dixon (deceased, with John Dixon)
Margo Montgomery Hughes Adam Hughes Munson (with Hal Munson)
Casey Hughes (with Tom Hughes)
Annie Stewart Ward Lowell Ward (with Jeff Ward)
Gregory Ward (with Jeff Ward)
Maria Ward (with Jeff Ward)
Nancy Ward (with Jeff Ward)
Kim Hughes Christopher Hughes (with Bob Hughes)
Sabrina Hughes (with Bob Hughes)
Andrew Dixon (with John Dixon)
1970 Betsy Stewart
1972 Emily Stewart
December 25, 1972 Frances Jennifer Hughes (Frannie)
October 1976 Andrew Dixon
1977-8? Paul Ryan
February 1982 Billy Montgomery
1983 Jill Andropolous
February 1983 Nancy, Maria, Gregory, & Lowell Ward
October 1983 Danielle Andropolous
December 1983 Suzie Ross
1986 Christina Nancy Hughes
September 2, 1986 Christopher Robert Hughes
May 2, 1987 Bryant Craig Montgomery
1988 Adam Christopher Harold Hughes
1989 Kathryn Ann Peretti
October 1990 Jennifer Louise Munson
1991 Carolyn Dana Crawford
1991 Aaron Snyder
1991 Lucinda Marie Montgomery
February 14, 1991 Casey Robert Hughes
1993 William Ryan Munson
1993 Bonnie Louise McKechnie
1993 Matthew John Dixon (MJ)
1994 Alison McDermott
1994 Cricket and Ernie Ross' child
May 16, 1995 Luciano Grimaldi
November 25, 1997 Johnny Dixon
September 10, 1998 Faith Snyder
September 13, 1998 Hope Dixon
January 1, 1999 Parker Joe Munson
April 1999 Daniel Hughes
November 11, 1999 Bridget & Michelle McKinnon
If any of these dates are incorrect, please email me to let me know!
Most of them were taken from watching old tapes, but some were guesses.

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