The kids on this page weren't born on the show, nor did they grow up on it.
They can be either recurring kids (friends of main characters),
off screen kids of main characters,
or kids that came to the show as teenagers.
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Marcy Thompson
Played by:
Marisa Tomei, 1983-1985
Marcy came to town in 1983 when she was a high school senior. She lived with her unloving mother Peggy Thompson. She becamse friends with Frannie Hughes, but misinterpreted her father Bob's niceness for a romantic interest and got him accused of sexual harassment. After the misunderstanding was cleared up she and Frannie remained friends. While Marcy was in town she took acting lessons and dated Kirk McColl. She eventually married Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul Stewart's son). She also worked in Fashions with Lisa and Barbara.
Kirk McColl
Played by:
Christian LeBlanc, 1983-1985
Kirk is the son of Whit McColl and his housekeeper Dorothy Connors. He believed his mother was Whit's ex-wife Joanna until Whit's death in 1984. At the murder trial, Dorothy Connors admitted that Joanna's baby had died and Whit had passed off her child as Joanna's. Kirk has one sister, Diana McColl, and two brothers Jay Connors (who was his best friend growing up) and Brian McColl. He came to Oakdale in 1983 when he was thrown out of military school and sent to jail. Diana bailed him out and brought him to town. He dated Frannie Hughes for a while, then moved on to Marcy Thompson. Kirk was blinded in a car accident and after Jeff Ward operated on him, Marcy was the first person he saw when his sight returned. Kirk and Jay opened the Grand Prix restaurant together. When he lost Marcy to Lord Stewart Markham Cushing he left Oakdale to move to New York and pursue his journalism career.
Diana McColl
Played by:
Kim Ulrich, 1983-1985
Diana was the daughter of Whit and Joanna McColl. She's got two brothers, Kirk and Brian. She had an affair with Steve Andropolous and got pregnant. She miscarried the child. Following her father's death she became determined to find someone to marry and settle down, so she could get her inheritance! She almost married Cal Randolph, but he backed out at the last minute.
Dusty Donovan
Played by:
Brian Bloom, 1983-1988
Dusty is the child of Nicole Donovan and Gunnar St. Clair. He was raised by Burke Donovan, and then moved in with John Dixon when Burke died. He's dated both Meg Snyder and Lily Walsh. For a while, Dusty rented a room at Lyla and Casey's house (though Lyla and Casey weren't married at the time). Dusty was going to school to become a doctor.
Jay Connors
Played by:
Breck Jamison, 1984-1986
Jay was the son of Whit McColl's housekeeper Dorothy Connors. He grew up with Kirk McColl and the two were best friends (and brothers, although they didn't know it at the time). Jay fell for Frannie, but she was dating his friend Kirk at the time so they didn't act on their feelings. While on Spring Break in Daytona with Frannie, Kirk, and Marcy, Jay and Frannie finally kissed. They decided to stay away from each other though, for Kirk. Jay and Frannie eventually made love for the first time on September 2, 1984... the night Whit McColl was killed. He opened the Grand Prix restaurant with Kirk. Jay left town after the Doug Cummings murder trial when he realized he'd never win Frannie back.
Kevin Gibson
Played by:
Steven Weber, 1985-1986
Kevin followed his ex-girlfriend Frannie Hughes to town when she returned from Yale in 1985. She'd broken up with him when she found out he'd gotten Marie Kovac pregnant (Marie had miscarried). While in town he joined Lucinda's training program for junior executives. Bob didn't like Kevin much. Kevin died in Frannie's arms when he jumped in front of a bullet Marsha Talbot had fired at Frannie during the Doug Cummings fiasco.
Lord Stewart Markham Cushing
Played by:
Ross Kettle, 1985
Lord Stewart Markham Cushing is the son of Paul Stewart, one of David's children. He was a tennis pro who came to town in 1985 and caught the eye of Marcy Thompson. When he saved Kirk and some others from a fire Marcy thought he was a hero. He realized that he had family in Oakdale when Betsy showed him a picture of her family and he recognized her uncle Paul Stewart as his father. He was accused of killing his mother Lady Cushing, but was freed when Tom proved the murder was Lady Cushing's former lover Alfie. Following the trial, he and Marcy got married and left town together.
Sabrina Hughes
Played by:
Julianne Moore, 1986-1988
Claire Beckman, 1990-1992
Sabrina is the child that Bob and Kim conceived while he was married to her sister Jennifer. Kim was told that her child had been a son and that he had died. In 1986, it came out that Kim's child had been a daughter and that she'd been taken at birth and raised by the Fullerton's. Sabrina grew up in England. Frannie, Sabrina's look-alike half-sister/cousin, first saw her in an airport in London. She tried to chase after her but was stopped. Sabrina was eventually reunited with her family and returned to Oakdale with them. Sabrina stole Frannie's fiance Seth Snyder and also became engaged to him. They eventually broke up and Sabrina married Colin Crowley, someone she knew from England. They eventually divorced and Sabrina moved to Montega with Frannie to work in a clinic. Sabrina was married to Tonio Reyes, but they were divorced when she found out that he shot Bob.
Pamela Wagner
Played by:
Robin Morse, 1987-1989
Pam was John Dixon's niece. She came to town in 1987 and stayed with the newly married John and Lucinda in Lucinda's mansion. When Pam found out that Lucinda had done awful things to get Duke out of town she moved in with Lyla Peretti. While in town Pam dated Dusty Donovan and Beau Farrell. She was also a nursing student and after her graduation from nursing school she left Oakdale.
Lien Truong Hughes
Played by:
Ming-Na, 1988-1991
Lea Salonga, 2001
Lien is the daughter of Tom Hughes. She was conceived with a Vietnamese nurse when he was in Vietnam as a young man. She came to the show in 1988 after her mother died and moved in with Tom and Margo. Margo did not adjust well to Lien and fled to Greece shortly after she arrived (when she found out she was pregnant with Adam). She and Margo got much closer after Margo returned from Greece with the baby. Lien dated Paul Ryan and Duke Kramer while she was in Oakdale, then left to go to Rutgers University with Duke.
Ian "Duke" Kramer Dixon
Played by:
Michael Louden, 1989-1991
Duke is the son of John Dixon and Rosemary Kramer. Rosemary was a nurse that John had a brief affair with. She left town without telling John that she was pregnant. John found out about Rosemary and Duke when Tom and Margo moved into their current house in 1988 or 1989. They found a group of letters in the fireplace and realized that Rosemary had lived in the house years ago. Duke later came to town where he met and began dating Lien Hughes. He was close friends with Casey Peretti and worked at the hospital while getting ready for med school. Several times after Duke left the show, he returned to Oakdale. In the early 90s John went to visit Duke and Lien in New Jersey. Shortly after he returned Duke and Lien broke up. Duke dropped out of Med school and began working as a boxer, much to John's chagrin. Duke has had several problems since then, each time John leaves town he seems to go help out Duke.
Bianca Marquez Walsh
Played by:
Karina Arroyave, 1989-1994
Christine Langer, 1991
Bianca is Lucinda's other adopted daughter. Lucinda found her in Montega in 1989 and brought her back to the US with her. Bianca was good friends with Courtney Baxter, they worked at the Yacht Club together one summer. She was interested in journalism and asked Duncan if she could intern at the Argus at one point. When Lily returned after being caught in a fire (or something) Bianca was forced to give her bedroom at Lucinda's back to Lily. Tonio taunted her that she was being replaced already.
Whitney McColl
Brian Duncan McColl
Whitney and Brian Duncan are the children of Brian and Beatrice McColl. They've never been on screen and were mentioned by Duncan when he went to visit Beatrice while he and Jessica were engaged. Duncan and Beatrice talked about the children but they were not seen.
Courtney Baxter
Played by:
Hayley Barr (Sparks), 1990-1994
Courtney came to town with her brother Sean in 1990. She was enrolled in Oakdale University as a psychology major, but during the Crawford case she decided she might want to be a cop. Courtney suffered from an eating disorder. She was friends with Bianca and married Andy Dixon on Christmas 1992, but they were eventually divorced.
Played by:
Bret Cooper, 1992-3
Ricky was Adam's childhood friend. He lived next door to Tom and Margo and whenever Adam was off screen he was usually over at Ricky's house. Ricky did appear on screen from time to time though.
Stephen Anderson
Played by:
child, 1992
James van der Beek, 1995
Stephen is the son of Kirk Anderson and his ex-wife Lenore Barclay Anderson. He grew up mostly without Kirk, but he attended Kirk's first wedding to Samantha.
Linda Ann Anderson
Played by:
child, 1992
older child, 1995
Linda Ann is the daughter of Kirk Anderson and his ex-wife Lenore. She didn't meet Kirk until he was about to marry Iva Snyder. Kirk had left Lenore when she was pregnant.
Jeremy Wheeler
Played by:
Jesse Zeigler, 1993
Sam Rovin, 1993-1994
John Dauer, 1995
Jeremy is the son of Dawn Wheeler, the woman who was also raped by the same HIV positive man who raped Margo Hughes in 1993. After the rape Dawn and Jeremy (then called Jerry) got very close with the Hughes family and even lived with them for a time. Jeremy was close to their son Adam. When Dawn died, Tom and Margo got guardianship of Jeremy. During this time he dated Hal Munson's daughter Nikki. Eventually Jeremy left town to go to college out of state and hasn't been heard from since.
RJ Donely
Played by:
Dane Leach, 1994-5
RJ was the son of Tracey Donely. Tracey dated Holden Snyder while she was in town. RJ was deaf.
Pete Wendell
Played by:
Jason Biggs, 1994-5
Pete is the son of Jenny and Frank Wendell. He has one sister, Jenny, and one brother, Aaron. For a while Pete lived on the Snyder farm. His father Frank was involved in a lot of shady dealings and was killed.
Jenny Wendell
Played by:
Jenny is Frank and Julie Wendell's daughter. She lived in Seattle and presumably lives there still with Julie, Caleb, Pete and Aaron.
Nikki Graves Munson
Played by:
Jordana Brewster, 1995-1998
Nikki is Hal Munson's daughter with his first wife, Linda Graves. He did not even know he had a daughter until she came to town in 1995. Nikki and Hal eventually became very close. In 1996 Nikki found out that Adam Hughes was actually Hal's son and she also got very close to Adam. For a while she demanded that Hal tell Adam that he was his real father. Nikki and Barbara were often on tensen ground. While she was in Oakdale, Nikki was friends with Dani Andropolous and she dated Jeremy Wheeler, Ryder Hughes, and Andy Dixon. She left in 1998 to go to Yale. In 1999 Hal went to visit Nikki because she'd hurt herself skiing.
Eddie Silva
Played by:
Nathaniel Marston, March 26, 1998-January 13, 2000
Eddie came to town with his mother Deena, who Margo soon killed in a shootout. Margo took Eddie under her wing and he quickly developed feelings for her. He and Margo shared a few kisses, but he soon moved on to her younger sister, Katie. After dating Katie for a little while Eddie realized he was in love with his best friend Georgia. Right after he and Georgia got together, she found out that Alec Wallace was Eddie's absentee father and kept the info from Eddie. Georgia killed Alec in self-defense and after confessing to the crime, Eddie forgave her and proposed. They were married in the Mona Lisa and left town that day.
Georgia Tucker
Played by:
Jaime Dudney, July 1998-January 13, 2000
Georgia is the daughter of Samantha Anderson and Cody Tucker. She came to town in 1998 to find her mother. She was raised by her grandmother. Georgia wanted to be an actress. She was homeless when she came to town and eventually moved in with Eddie Silva. Georgia got pretty close to her aunt Lucinda and lived in her poolhouse for a while. Georgia killed Eddie's father, Alec Wallace in self-defense. Eddie and Georgia were married after he forgave her for killing his father and they left town together in 2000.
Carly Tenney
Played by:
Maura West, 1995 - present
Mother of Parker Munson, half-sister of Rosanna Cabot, Peter and Lauren Cabot, living with Jack Snyder, dated Mike Kasnoff, formerly married to Hal Munson, John Dixon, Brad Snyder
Rosanna Cabot
Played by:
Yvonne Perry, 1992 to 1996, 1998
Cady McClain, 2002 - present
Carly Tenney's half-sister, engaged to Mike Kasnoff (until he knocked up Carly), dating Craig Montgomery, investing in Barbara's BRO
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