Hi! I've put together these videos of clips from As the World Turns. They're all montages to different songs. They are RealVideo clips unless otherwise marked.

"Remember" - RealVideo 45th Anniversary Montage, 4 minutes long, 1.01mBs, to Harry Nillson's "Remember"
"Remember" -.avi 45th Anniversary Montage, 4 minutes long, 10.5mBs, downloadable, to Harry Nillson's "Remember"
"Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" -RealVideo Lyla/Casey montage, 4 minutes 22 seconds long, to Julia Fordham's "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways"
"I'll Be" -RealVideo Lyla/Casey montage, 3 minutes 59 secondslong, to Edwin McCain's "I'll Be"
Katie's Birth -RealVideo This isn't a montage. Just a clip of the episode in which Lyla gave birth to Katie, February 1989.

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