Birthday July 2, 1991
Mother Julie Wendell Snyder
Father Holden Snyder
step-father, Caleb Snyder
Siblings half-sister, Abigail Williams
half-sister, Faith Snyder
half-brother, Pete Wendell
half-sister, Jenny Wendell
step-brother, Luke Grimaldi
Aunts Iva Snyder Benedict
Ellie Snyder
Meg Snyder
Julie Wendell Snyder (yes, his mother is also his aunt by marriage)
Uncles Caleb Snyder
Seth Snyder
Jason Benedict (by marriage to Iva)
Josh Stricklyn (by marriage to Meg)
First Cousins MJ Dixon (Iva's son)
Jenny Wendell
Pete Wendell
Aaron Snyder (Well, if his mother is also his aunt, I guess that makes him his own cousin)
Played By Mason Boccardo (baby through young child)
Agim Kaba (teenager)
Misc. Facts Aaron was conceived while Holden and Lily were separated due to her miscarriage and Julie and Caleb were separated. Holden got drunk and slept with Julie, thinking she was Lily.

Aaron was raised as an infant by his aunt Iva Snyder Benedict. Later on he was raised by single father (at the time) Holden Snyder. Finally, he went to live with his mother Julie and her husband Caleb in Seattle.

Aaron returned to town in April of 2002. He drove his motorcycle all the way from Seattle and went straight to Holden and Lily's house, then Emma's farm. Everyone was stunned to see him and Holden and Lily couldn't hide their shock (and apparent disappointment). Lily even went so far as to say she wanted to cry when he showed up. Aaron overheard Lily tell Holden that she was pregnant again.

So far, other than Emma, Aaron has only been embraced by his half-sister Abigail and his step-brother Luke. Holden and Lily are worried that his reappearance will cause problems for them and their happy little family. (jerks)

Aaron has been hanging out with Lucy Montgomery and is being followed around relentlessly by Alison (McDermott) Stewart. Lucy's father Craig threatened to expose his juvenile police record if he took Lucy on anymore dangerous motorcycle rides. When Holden found out about Craig's threat, he wanted to defend Aaron but he took a chill pill and calmed down first.

Apparently while Aaron was growing up in Seattle, all was not well with Caleb and Julie. Aaron's mentioned several times now that they fought all the time and that having a cop for a step-father wasn't easy.

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