Margo and Adam on Christmas 1988. This is Hillary B. Smith's (Margo) son playing Adam.
Margo, Tom, and Adam on Christmas 1988, with Dan in the background.
Tom reads a Christmas story to Adam, Lien, and Margo.
Tom, Margo, and Adam arrive at Lyla and Casey's house for Christmas. Michael Zderko plays Adam here.
Lyla tells Margo that she hasn't had time to wrap Adam's Christmas present. Margo says that's okay because Adam doesn't like wrapping paper. He unwrapped all the presents at their house and almost pulled the tree down on himself that morning. Tom then takes Adam upstairs to take a nap with Kate.
Adam at Lyla's house with Tom and Margo.
Tom, Margo, Adam, and Casey at home in 1992.
Tom takes Adam and Casey upstairs to bed because Margo's got too much work to do.
Adam plays ball in Bob and Kim's house with Chris and Casey. Tom and Hal walked up behind them and tried to stop them. Harry Zittle played Adam at this time.
Adam, Chris, and Casey hang out with John at Bob and Kim's house. This is from the 40th anniversary episode.
Dan tells Adam, Chris, Casey and the rest of the family about the world turning and gravity, and love.
Left to right, Bob, Lucinda, John, Lisa, Barbara, Hal, Margo, Tom, Nikki, Mac, Nancy, Chris, Lily, Dani, and Kim
Adam and Casey with their grandmother, Lyla, at Tom and Margo's house for Christmas 2000.

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