Craig and Sierra decide that they can't be together because her unborn child is Tonio's (or so they thought).
Craig and Sierra after they've decided not to be together.
The Montgomery family on the day after Bryant was born, AKA Craig and Sierra's wedding day. Left to right, Casey, Lyla holding Bryant, Sierra, Craig.
Craig holding Bryant on the day he was born, just after Craig found out that he wasn't Tonio's son afterall.
Dani meets Bryant for the first time. This is Craig and Sierra's wedding day.
Craig holds Dani while she gives a teddy bear to baby Bryant.
Bryant laughs when Dani hands him the teddy bear.
Craig tells Bryant and Dani that they're going to grow up together and wreak havoc on the town.
Bryant's First Christmas (1987), Sierra finds out that Craig might be alive after all. Here with Tonio and Meg.
The yellow sleeper pictures are from 1987, Bryant's first Christmas.

Baby Bryant Montgomery with step-grandfather Casey Peretti, aunt Margo, and uncle Tom.
Bryant with Casey, Tom and Margo. Casey's bouncing him up and down as they come down the stairs and the baby loves it and laughs for most of the scene.
Tom takes Bryant when he starts to get fussy.
Bryant calms right down again and Casey tells Tom he has 'the touch.' Tom reminds Casey that he has a baby brother (Christopher).
Casey invites Tom and Margo to come over for New Year's Eve since Sierra and Bryant will be there too.
This is the next Christmas, 1988. Craig thinks that Sierra is dead and chokes up when he reads 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to Bryant.

Dennis Marotta is still playing Bryant.
Craig reading Bryant a Christmas story.

There are MANY more pictures coming soon, this is just the very beginning.
Craig brought Bryant down to Montega to reunite with Sierra in the early 90s. When they arrived Bryant ran over to Sierra, gave her a flower, and told her that he loved her and missed her.
Bryant is stuck in the middle as his parents reunite.

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