Birthday May 2, 1987
Died On October 23, 2001
Mother Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery
Father Craig Bryant Montgomery
Siblings sister, Lucinda Marie
Maternal Grandparents Lucinda Walsh
Jacobo Esteban (deceased)
Paternal Grandparents Lyla Montgomery Peretti
Bart Montgomery
Aunts Lily Walsh Snyder (Sierra's adopted sister)
Margo Montgomery Hughes (Craig's half-sister)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (Craig's sister)
Katie Peretti Frasier (Craig's half-sister)
Great-Aunts Samantha Anderson (Sierra's aunt)
Neal Alcott (deceased, Sierra's aunt)
Maggie Crawford (Craig's aunt)
Uncles Holden Snyder (by marriage to Lily)
Tom Hughes (by marriage to Margo)
Ernie Ross (by marriage to Cricket)
Simon Frasier (by marriage to Katie)
Great-Uncles Royce Keller (Sierra's uncle)
Kirk Anderson (by marriage to Sam)
First Cousins Adam Hughes (Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Margo's son)
Lien Hughes (Margo's step-daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Margo's step-son)
Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Baby Ross (Cricket and Ernie's third child)
Luke Grimaldi (Lily's son)
Faith Snyder (Lily's daughter)
Abigail Williams (by marriage, Lily's husband Holden's daughter)
Aaron Snyder (by marriage, Lily's husband Holden's son)
Great-Cousins Georgia Tucker Silva (Sam's daughter)
Eddie Silva (by marriage to Georgia)
Played By Dennis Marotta (as a baby)
Todd Rotondi (adult)
Misc. Facts Bryant was conceived at the Foxwood Lodge on the same night Christopher was born to Bob and Kim Hughes, on September 2, 1986.

Craig was arrested and sent to jail later that night for the murder of Tad Channing (which he wasn't guilty of).

When Sierra found out she was pregnant, she initially thought the baby was Craig's even though she was married to Tonio Reyes at the time. Once Craig was released from prison he realized Sierra's baby might be his and had himself tested to see if his sterility had been successfully reversed. The test said that he was still sterile and he told Sierra the baby had to be Tonio's.

The day Bryant was born the doctor's tested his blood and found that it wasn't possible for him to be Tonio's child. After Sierra told Craig that Bryant was his he and Casey Peretti realized that a fight Craig had in prison may have reversed his operation and that Bryant was his child afterall.

Bryant was present at his parents' wedding a few days after his birth in the hospital.

During her pregnancy, Sierra decided that if she had a girl she was going to name her Laurel and if it was a boy she was going to name him Bryant (after Craig's middle name) because both names meant strength.

After Bryant's father Craig was found to be alive in 1988, he went to Montega to find Sierra and Bryant. When Craig got there a friend of Sierra's told him that Sierra was dead. Craig took Bryant and went back to Oakdale, where he moved in (temporarily) with Lyla and Casey.

Bryant was actually very close to Casey while he lived with him. His step-granddad was trying to convince Lyla to have a baby, but she was still against it so Casey spent more and more time with baby Bryant. Luckily Lyla was already expecting by the time Craig and Bryant moved out.

While everyone thought that Sierra was dead, Craig dated Ellie Snyder. Bryant (who was then about 2 or 3) got pretty close to her. When Sierra came back to Oakdale, Craig broke off his engagement to Ellie and took some time to figure out who he wanted to be with. On the plane ride down to Montega to reunite with Sierra, Bryant was upset that he didn't get to say goodbye to Ellie... but all was forgotten when he arrived in Montega and his family reunited.

Bryant and Craig returned and got to see Ellie and everyone else in Oakdale again following Casey's death in June of 1990. Sierra was unable to return for the funeral with them. After everything was settled in Oakdale, Craig and Bryant returned to Montega and weren't heard from again until 1991 when Craig called to let Lyla and Margo know that he and Sierra had a new daughter, Lucy Marie.

The next time Craig came to town, he was alone. Sierra had kicked him out of the country and kept the kids there with her. On Christmas of 1994, Craig was visiting the kids and Sierra in Montega and Bryant and Lucy both said what they wanted for Christmas was their family back. Soon after Craig and Sierra reunited and this time moved to Florida.

Bryant showed up again in Oakdale, without Craig or Sierra, in 1999 as a teenager. He had already graduated from college (at 19) and this time he moved in with Lucinda. He's dated Abigail Williams and Jennifer Munson simultaneously and is now only dating Jennifer. He's also shown that he has his father's deviousness in him, he's been arrested for wreckless driving, stealing $1500 from Java Underground, and most recently desecrating a grave.

Bryant was ready to sleep with Jennifer long before she was ready. She kept telling him that she wasn't ready, despite the fact that they lived together in a cottage. Bryant was nothing but patient and eventually when he'd had enough of Jennifer saying she was ready and backing out at the last second he got mad.

Bryant and Jennifer had a lot of problems in their relationship because of their parents. Jennifer's mother Barbara married Bryant's father Craig, but the marriage didn't work out (to say the least). Barbara was burned in a fire and disowned Jennifer, twice. Jennifer then bit Bryant's head off for using money from his OWN trust fund.

Bryant's cousin Billy Ross came to town to help build a deck on Jennifer and Bryant's cottage. He made nice with Bryant then slept with his girlfriend. Jennifer and Billy got it on for a few weeks before Bryant caught them leaving Al's Diner. He went a little nuts (totally deservedly so) and weilded a fireplace poker at them. Unfortunately he didn't kill them, and he set off to confront the other people that had known about Jenn and Billy... Adam and Abigail.

After Bryant saw Adam and confronted him, he went to see Jennifer. She broke up with him and told him that she and Billy were together. Bryant stormed out and got in his car again. While on the road he called someone, then threw his phone down after getting a machine and leaving a message. He got a strange look in his eyes, started hearing Jennifer's voice, and drove off the road. It looked intentional and when the police investigated the scene they found that he wasn't wearing a seatbelt and that it was a one car accident.

Bryant was rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery, while John called Margo and told her to find Craig and get him there. Shortly after Craig arrived at the hospital John came out and told everyone that Bryant's heart had stopped during surgery and he had died.

Sierra was on her way, but didn't make it before her son died.

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