Birthday September 21, 1991
Mother Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery
Father Craig Bryant Montgomery
Siblings brother, Bryant Montgomery (deceased)
Maternal Grandparents Lucinda Walsh
Jacobo Esteban (deceased)
Paternal Grandparents Lyla Montgomery Peretti
Bart Montgomery
Aunts Lily Walsh Snyder (Sierra's adopted sister)
Margo Montgomery Hughes (Craig's half-sister)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (Craig's sister)
Katie Peretti Frasier (Craig's half-sister)
Great-Aunts Samantha Anderson (Sierra's aunt)
Neal Alcott (deceased, Sierra's aunt)
Maggie Crawford (Craig's aunt)
Uncles Holden Snyder (by marriage to Lily)
Tom Hughes (by marriage to Margo)
Ernie Ross (by marriage to Cricket)
Simon Frasier (by marriage to Katie)
Great-Uncles Royce Keller (Sierra's uncle)
Kirk Anderson (by marriage to Sam)
Frank Andropolous (by marriage to Maggie)
First Cousins Adam Hughes (Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Margo's son)
Lien Hughes (Margo's step-daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Margo' step-son)
Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Luke Grimaldi (Lily's son)
Faith Snyder (Lily's daughter)
Abigail Williams (by marriage, Lily's husband Holden's daughter)
Aaron Snyder (by marriage, Lily's husband Holden's son)
Great-Cousins Georgia Tucker Silva (Sam's daughter)
Eddie Silva (by marriage to Georgia)
Played By ??? (child) - Christmas 94
Amanda Seyfreid (teenager)
Peyton List (teenager)
Misc. Facts Lucy was born off-screen in 1991, when neither Craig or Sierra were on the show.

When they found out they had a new granddaughter, Lyla and Lucinda flew down to Montega on Cal's jet to see the baby.

Lucinda Marie is named after her two grandmothers. Marie is Lyla's middle name.

Aside from the two teenage Lucy's, she's been on-screen at least one other time. Lucy and Bryant were both shown as children in 1994 when their parents reunited around Christmas time.

Lucy currently lives with her father Craig in his apartment at the Lakeview. She's friends with sneaky Alison (McDermott) Stewart and Aaron Snyder. Lucy also has to deal with both of her parents and her grandmother Lucinda being overprotective due to her older brother Bryant's death. She's also rather close with two of her aunts, Katie and Margo.

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