Birthday September 10, 1998
Mother Lily Snyder
Father Holden Snyder
Siblings brother, Ethan Snyder
sister, Natalie Snyder
half-brother, Luciano Grimaldi
half-brother, Aaron Snyder
half-sister, Abigail Williams
Maternal Grandparents biological, Iva Snyder and Josh Stricklyn
adoptive, Lucinda Walsh
Maternal Great-Grandparents

Emma Snyder (Iva's adoptive mother)
Caroline Carpenter (Iva's birth mother)
Jared Carpenter (Iva's birth father)

Cal Stricklyn (Josh's biological father)

Paternal Grandparents Emma Snyder
Aunts Rose D'Angelo (Lily's sister)
Sierra Esteban (Lily's sister)
Iva Snyder Benedict (Holden's sister)
Meg Snyder (Holden's sister)
Ellie Snyder (Holden's sister)
Julie Wendell Snyder (by marriage to Holden's brother Caleb)
Great-Aunts Samantha Anderson (Lily's aunt)
Neal Alcott (deceased, Lily's aunt)
Uncles Seth Snyder (Holden's brother)
Caleb Snyder (Holden's brother)
Jason Benedict (by marriage to Holden's sister Iva)
Josh Sticklyn (by marriage to Holden's sister Meg)
Great-Uncles Royce Keller (Lily's uncle)
Kirk Anderson (by marriage to Sam)
Cousins M.J. Dixon (Iva's son)
Aaron Snyder (Julie's son)
Pete Wendell (Julie's son)
Bryant Montgomery (Sierra's son, deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (Sierra's daughter)
Great-Cousins Georgia Tucker Silva (Sam's daughter)
Eddie Silva (by marriage to Georgia)
Played By Keara Dolan (baby #1)
Eliza Ryan (baby #2)
Cassidy Hickle (child)
Ashley Marie Greiner (child)
Misc. Facts

Faith spent the first year of her life as Melinda, the daughter of Reid Hamilton/David Stenbeck. She was kidnapped after Lily gave birth to her while David was holding her hostage. Hope Dixon was being raised as Lily and Holden's daughter unknowingly. When Lily and Holden figured it out and got their baby back they decided to rename her Faith.

Faith spent a lot of time watching her mom deal with weight issues after giving birth to Ethan. She soon developed an eating disorder of her own. She also spends a lot of time with Parker Munson.

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