Birthday 1993
Mother Iva Snyder Benedict
Father biological, John Dixon
step, Jason Benedict
Siblings half-sister, Margo Montgomery Hughes
half-sister, Rose D'Angelo
half-sister, Lily Snyder
half-brother, Andy Dixon
half-brother, Duke Dixon
half-brother, Johnny Dixon (deceased)
Maternal Grandparents Emma Snyder
Aunts Meg Snyder (Iva's sister)
Ellie Snyder (Iva's sister)
Lily Snyder (by marriage to Iva's brother Holden)
Julie Wendall Snyder (by marriage to Iva's brother Caleb)
Annette Wagner (John's sister)
Uncles Holden Snyder (Iva's brother)
Caleb Snyder (Iva's brother)
Seth Snyder (Iva's brother)
Josh Snyder (by marriage to Iva's sister Meg)
Nieces and Nephews Adam Hughes Munson (Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Margo's son)
Faith Snyder (Lily's daughter, Holden's daughter)
Luke Grimaldi (Lily's son)
Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
First Cousins Aaron Snyder (Holden's son)
Abigail Snyder (Holden's son)
Lily Snyder (by Meg's marriage to Lily's father Josh)
Rose D'Angelo (by Meg's marriage to Rose's father Josh)
Pam Wagner (John's sister Annette's daughter)
Second Cousins Luke Grimaldi (Lily's son)
Faith Snyder (Lily's daughter)
Played By Leonard Manning (baby)
Michael Angarano (child)
Misc. Facts

Iva was pretty surprised to find out that she was pregnant with MJ during the week of June 10-17 of 1992. She got the news the day after Lily miscarried she and Holden's baby and was reluctant to tell anyone about it, including John. During a visit to Dr. Samuels, Iva said that she had been taking birth control pills but had an allergic reaction to them. So she and John were only using condoms (way more info than I needed to hear, but I'm just writing what they said on the show) and they were only 98% effective. Guess MJ is evidence of that other 2%. She eventually told everyone and they were all surprised, but happy for her.

After Matthew John was born, Iva was raising both him and her adopted son Aaron. She and John had an on again off again relationship.

Since MJ is a Snyder, his family is pretty darn complicated. His nephew and niece, Luke and Faith Snyder, are also his second cousins.

His half-sister Lily is married to his uncle Holden, making her also his aunt. Lily is also his first cousin because her father Josh is married to MJ's aunt Meg. So poor MJ is triple related to Lily, she's his sister, aunt, and cousin. Gross.

It probably could get worse but my head hurts even thinking about it.

MJ returned in the late 90s, during Parker's first custody trial. John still believed that he was Parker's father and tried to use MJ to ruin Carly's chances at custody.

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