Birthday October 1976
Mother Kim Sullivan Hughes
Father John Dixon
step-father, Bob Hughes
Siblings half-sister, Margo Montgomery Hughes
half-brother, Duke Kramer Dixon
half-brother, MJ Dixon
half-brother, Johnny Dixon (deceased)
half-brother, Christopher Hughes
half-sister, Sabrina Hughes
step-sister, Frannie Hughes
step-brother, Tom Hughes
Children Hope Dixon (with Denise Maynard)
Paternal Grandparents step-grandparents, Chris and Nancy Hughes
Paternal Step Great-Grandparents Will Hughes (Chris' father, deceased)
Aunts Jennifer Sullivan Ryan
step-aunt, Penny Hughes
step-aunt, Susan Hughes (deceased)
Annette Wagner (John's sister)
Uncles step-uncle, Don Hughes
First Cousins Barbara Ryan Munson (Jennifer's daughter)
Melinda Gray (Jennifer's daughter, deceased)
Rick Ryan (Jennifer's son)
Pam Wagner (John's sister's daughter)
Christina Hughes (Bob's brother Don's daughter)
Ryder Hughes (Bob's brother Don's adopted son)
Second Cousins Jennifer Munson (Barbara's daughter)
Will Munson (Barbara's son)
Paul Ryan (Barbara's son)
Johnny Dixon (Barbara's son, also Andy's brother, deceased)
Nephews Adam Hughes Munson (Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Margo's son, Tom's son)
Daniel Hughes (Tom's son)
Nieces Lien Hughes (Tom's daughter)
Love Interests Julie Wendell
Lien Hughes
Courtney Baxter (married and divorced)
Nikki Munson
Molly Conlan
Played By Jason Ferguson (child)
Robert Dwyer (child)
Alfie Smith (child)
Sean Anthony (child)
Scott Defreitas (preteen thru adult)
Misc. Facts Andy is an alcoholic, Susan Stewart is his sponsor in AA.

In 1989, Andy hit Lien with his half-brother Duke's van while driving drunk. Lien survived the accident, but did have to have emergency surgery. Andy checked into a rehab clinic following his trial.

Andy agreed to pose as the father of Aaron Snyder for Julie Wendell when he was born. Andy was there with Iva when Julie gave birth to Aaron. Aaron was actually conceived while Holden and Lily were separated due to her miscarriage and Julie and Caleb were separated as well. Holden was drunk and slept with Julie, thinking she was Lily.

Andy's daughter Hope was born in 1998 after a one-night stand Andy had with Denise Maynard. Denise sold Hope to Gary Rady, who switched her with Lily and Holden Snyder's newborn daughter. So Andy's daughter spent most of her first year living with Lily and Holden and Andy didn't know that he was her father.

After everyone realized the babies had been switched Denise took Hope back and Lily and Holden found their real child. Denise finally told Andy that he was Hope's father and he married her to help her get custody. They recently separated because Denise did not share Andy's growing feelings.

Andy was partially paralyzed while on a photo assignment in Chechnya. When he returned Ben Harris did surgery on his back and reversed the paralysis, but Andy let everyone believe that he was still paralyzed... to keep Denise from leaving him. Eventually, when his lies were catching up with him, he did the right thing and admitted that he wasn't paralyzed.

His brothers, Chris and Tom, convinced him to go to a rehab center to get himself together and fully recover from his paralysis.

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