Birthday December 25, 1972
Mother Jennifer Sullivan
step-mother, Kim Sullivan Hughes
Father Bob Hughes
Siblings half-sister, Sabrina Hughes
half-sister, Barbara Ryan Munson
half-sister, Melinda Gray
half-brother, Rick Ryan
half-brother, Tom Hughes
half-brother, Christopher Hughes
step-brother, Andy Dixon
Paternal Grandparents Chris and Nancy Hughes
Paternal Great-Grandparents Will Hughes (Chris' father, deceased)
Aunts Kim Sullivan Hughes (Jennifer's sister)
Penny Hughes (Bob's sister)
Susan Hughes (Bob's sister, deceased)
Mary Hughes (by marriage to Don)
Great-Aunts Edith Hughes (Chris' sister)
Marion Hughes (Chris' brother John's wife)
Uncles Don Hughes
Anton Cunningham (by marriage to Penny)
Great-Uncles John Hughes (Chris' brother)
Dr. George Frey (Chris' sister Edith's husband)
First Cousins Christina Nancy Hughes (Bob's brother Don's daughter)
Ryder Hughes (Don and Mary's adopted son)
Amy Lin Hughes (Bob's sister Penny's adopted daughter)
Christopher Hughes (Jennifer's sister Kim's son)
Andy Dixon (Jennifer's sister Kim's son)
Second Cousins Hope Dixon (Kim's son Andy's daughter)
Nephews Paul Ryan (Barbara's son)
Will Munson (Barbara's son)
Johnny Dixon (Barbara's son, deceased)
Parker Munson (Barbara's step-son)
Adam Hughes Munson (Barbara's step-son, Tom's adopted son)
Casey Hughes (Tom's son)
Daniel Hughes (Tom's son)
Nieces Jennifer Munson (Barbara's daughter)
Lien Hughes (Tom's daughter)
Hope Dixon (Kim's son Andy's daughter)
Love Interests Jay Connors
Kevin Gibson
Doug Cummings
Seth Snyder
Sean Baxter
Darryl Crawford (married and divorced)
Played By Kelly Campbell
Maura Gilligan
Tracy O'Neil
Helene Udy
Terri VanderBosch
Julianne Moore
Mary Ellen Stuart
Misc. Facts Frannie was born on Christmas Day in 1972, although her birthday was later changed to 1969 to tell the Sabrina story.

Frannie was a gymnast from the time she was about 5 through her high school years.

Teen Angst
She became a tutor for Kirk McColl in high school, then the two started dating. Frannie fell for Jay Connors while dating Kirk and the two finally kissed while on Spring Break in Daytona. They decided to stay away from each other because of her relationship with Kirk. When Kirk regained his eyesight after being blinded in an accident the first person he saw was Marcy Thompson, whom he began falling for, and soon after he and Frannie broke up.

Jay and Frannie made love for the first time on September 2, 1984... the night Whit McColl was killed. They eventually grew apart and Frannie went away to Yale soon after.

She returned home in April of 1985 for Bob and Kim's wedding and after being expelled from Yale for having bad grades. Her boyfriend Kevin Gibson followed her to town, Bob didn't like him. Frannie had broken up with Kevin when she found out he slept with Marie Kovac.

Doug Cummings
Doug Cummings was the next man in Frannie's life. He asked her to the opening of his new restaurant, Caroline's, to hear Tony Bennett sing. They eventually became engaged, but things went sour when everyone realized that Doug was nuts and he was stalking Kim. Doug kidnapped a pregnant Kim, Frannie, and his assistant Marsha Talbot and took them to Colorado. While there, Doug attempted to rape Frannie and was killed.

Before they were rescued, Marsha fired a shot at Frannie and Kevin jumped in front of her to save her and was killed.

After they were back in Oakdale, Kim admitted that she killed Doug to protect Frannie (she was lying because she thought Frannie had done the deed). After a lot of questioning and a trial everyone realized that it wasn't Kim or Frannie but Marsha Talbot that killed Doug with the crystal cylinder.

When Marsha was sentenced to life in prison for the murder Frannie realized what Kim had done for her and asked to call her "mom."

Following the murder, Frannie inherited all of Doug's money and became a very rich woman. She sold his restaurant "Caroline's" to Lisa who renamed it the "Mona Lisa."

Sabrina's Story
In 1986 Frannie decided to go back to school and chose Oxford. When she was about to catch a plane in Heathrow Airport she saw a woman who looked exactly like her. Her new boyfriend, Seth Snyder, asked around and found out the woman's name was Sabrina. Bob, Kim, Frannie, and Seth all searched London for the missing pages of a journal that might explain who Sabrina was and why she looked so much like Frannie. Their search led them to the Fullerton's home where they saw a picture of Sabrina as a child, where she looked exactly like a young Frannie.

Bob called Lyla and asked her to find some old records of a patient named Fullerton who'd had a child around the same time Frannie was born. Bob realized that Sabrina could be the child that he and Kim had lost to miscarriage around the same time Frannie had been born to he and Jennifer. In Venice, Bob told Kim then together they told Frannie and Sabrina that they were half-sisters (and cousins).

Frannie had a hard time adjusting to the idea of Sabrina being her sister, but eventually she warmed up to her.

The Rest of the Story
Casey Peretti called Frannie "Red" while he was attempting to court her. She got exasperated and told him to call her anything but that, Frannie, Frances, Francie, Frankie... anything. So after that he called her all of those names.

Frannie met Darryl Crawford in the early 90s while he was still married to his wife Carolyn Crawford. He worked for his wife's family's cereal company. Darryl and Frannie were very attracted to each other but did not act on it much because of his marriage. Carolyn was wheelchair-bound and could not carry a child so she and Darryl conceived their daughter with the help of surrogate Dana Lambert. Shortly after the conception, Carolyn was murdered in her house. Frannie and Darryl took the opportunity and hooked up right after Carolyn died. They were married in April of 1991, while Dana was still expecting. Dana gave birth to Darryl and Carolyn's daughter, whom they named Carolyn Dana. Frannie adopted little Carrie.

Most of Frannie and Darryl's marriage was during the investigation into Carolyn's death (which lasted for over two years!). For a while Frannie believed that Darryl had killed his own wife, but eventually she realized that he hadn't. Unfortunately by that time the damage had been done and that in addition to the revelation that Darryl was the father of Frannie's sister Barbara's daughter Jennifer was too much. Frannie and Darryl divorced and Darryl took Carrie back to Des Moines.

Frannie eventually went down to Montega to work with her sister Sabrina.

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