Birthday May 1960 or 1961
Mother Lisa Miller Hughes etc...
step-mother, Kim Hughes
Father Bob Hughes
Siblings half-sister, Frannie Hughes
half-sister, Sabrina Hughes
half-brother, Christopher Hughes
half-brother, Scott Eldridge
half-brother, Chucky Shea (deceased)
step-brother, Andy Dixon
brother-in-law, Craig Montgomery
sister-in-law, Katie Peretti
sister-in-law, Cricket Ross
Nieces and Nephews

Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
Bryant Montgomery (Craig's son, deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (Craig's daughter)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
unknown child (Cricket's other kid)

Children adopted, Adam Hughes Munson
Casey Hughes
Lien Hughes
Daniel Hughes
Maternal Grandparents Henry and Alma Miller
Paternal Grandparents Chris and Nancy Hughes
Aunts Susan Hughes (deceased)
Penny Hughes
Mary Ellison Hughes (by marriage to Bob's brother Don)
step-aunt, Jennifer Ryan (deceased, Kim's sister)
Great-Aunts Edith Hughes (Chris' sister)
Marion Hughes (Chris' brother John's wife)
Uncles Don Hughes
Anton Cunningham (by marriage to Bob's sister Penny)
Great-Uncles John Hughes (Chris' brother)
Dr. George Frey (Chris' sister Edith's husband)
First Cousins Amy Lin Hughes (Penny's daughter)
Christina Nancy Hughes (Don and Mary's daughter)
step-cousin, Barbara Ryan (Jennifer's daughter)
step-cousin, Melinda Gray (Jennifer's daughter)
step-cousin, Rick Ryan (Jennifer's son)
Second Cousins step-secondcousin, Jennifer Munson (Barbara's daughter)
step-secondcousin, Will Munson (Barbara's son)
step-secondcousin, Paul Ryan (Barbara's son)
step-secondcousin, Johnny Dixon (deceased, Barbara's son)
Played By James Madden
Jerry Schaffer
Frankie Michaels (child)
Richard Thomas
Paul O'Keefe
Peter Galman
C. David Colson
Tom Tammi
Jason Kincaid (adult)
Justin Deas (adult)
Gregg Marx (adult)
Scott Holmes (adult)
Misc. Facts Tom fought in Vietnam and unknowingly conceived his daughter Lien before returning to Oakdale. Tom shot himself in the foot to leave the war and come home.

After Margo had her affair with Hal Munson she ran away to Greece. Tom eventually tracked her down and found her 9 months pregnant and in labor. He assumed the child was his and began coaching her through the birth. Part-way through Margo blurted out that it wasn't his child. Tom was shocked but he and Margo agreed not to tell anyone that the child wasn't Tom's. They returned to Oakdale and attempted to keep their secret, but it eventually came out anyway.

Tom's first biological son, Casey, was born on Valentine's Day of 1991. Before he was born, Tom and Margo decided to name their child Casey in honor of Margo's late step-father Casey Peretti who died the day before Margo found out she was pregnant with little Casey.

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