Birthday April 27, 1999
Mother Emily Stewart
step-mother, Margo Hughes
Father Tom Hughes
Siblings half-sister, Lien Hughes (Tom's daughter)
half-brother, Casey Hughes (Tom's son)
step-brother, Adam Hughes Munson (Tom's adoptive son)
Paternal Grandparents Bob Hughes
Lisa Grimaldi
step-grandmother, Kim Hughes
Paternal Great-Grandparents Alma and Henry Miller (Lisa's parents)
Chris and Nancy Hughes (Bob's parents)
Paternal Great-Great-Grandparents Will Hughes (Chris' father)
Maternal Grandparents Susan Stewart
Dan Stewart (deceased)
Maternal Great-Grandparents Ellen and David Stewart (Dan's parents)
Maternal Great-Grandparents Julia and Fred Burke (Susan's parents)
Maternal Great-Great-Grandparents Claire and James Lowell, Jr. (Ellen's parents)
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandparents Alice and James Lowell, Sr. (James Lowell, Jr's parents)
Aunts Frannie Hughes (Tom's half-sister)
Sabrina Hughes (Tom's half-sister)
Betsy Andropolous (Emily's half-sister)
Katie Peretti Frasier (Margo's half-sister)
Cricket Montgomery Ross (Margo's half-sister)
Sierra Montgomery (by marriage to Margo's half-brother Craig)
Great-Aunts Annie Stewart Ward (Emily's aunt)
Dee Stewart (Emily's aunt)
Susan Hughes (deceased)
Penny Hughes (Bob's sister)
Mary Ellison Hughes (Tom's uncle Don's wife)
Great-Great-Aunts Edith Hughes (Chris' sister)
Marion Hughes (Chris' brother John's wife)
Uncles Christopher Hughes (Tom's half-brother)
Scott Eldridge (Tom's half-brother)
Andy Dixon (Tom's step-brother, Margo's half-brother)
Duke Kramer Dixon (Margo's half-brother)
Craig Montgomery (Margo's half-brother)
Johnny Dixon (Margo's half-brother, deceased)
Chuck Shea (Tom's half-brother, deceased)
Ernie Ross (by marriage to Margo's half-sister Cricket)
Great-Uncles Paul Stewart (Emily's uncle)
Jeff Ward (by marriage to Annie)
Don Hughes (Bob's brother)
Anton Cunningham (Penny's husband)
Great-Great-Uncles John Hughes (Chris' brother)
Dr. George Frey (Chris' sister Edith's husband)
Great-Cousins (?) Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Gregory, Lowell, Maria, and Nancy Ward (Annie's quads)
Ryder Hughes (Don's adopted son)
Christina Hughes (Don and Mary's daughter)
First Cousins Danielle Andropolous (Betsy's daughter)
Suzie Ross (Margo's half-sister Cricket's daughter)
Billy Montgomery (Margo's half-sister Cricket's son)
Lucinda Marie Montgomery (Margo's half-brother Craig's daughter)
Bryant Montgomery (Margo's half-brother Craig's son, deceased)
Played By Jared and Lindsey Baskin (baby)
Dillion Blustone (young child)
Misc. Facts Daniel is named after Emily's father, Dan Stewart, just like his cousin Dani Andropolous. Before he was born Emily wanted to name him Thomas Hughes Jr, but Tom said no.

Daniel was conceived the same night Margo miscarried Tom's baby.
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