Birthday 1969
Mother Ellen Stewart
Father David Stewart
Siblings sister, Annie Stewart
half-brother, Dan Stewart
half-brother, Paul Stewart
Maternal Grandparents Claire English Lowell and James Lowell, Jr.
Maternal Great-Grandparents Alice Lowell and James Lowell, Sr.
Nieces Emily Stewart (Dan's daughter)
Betsy Stewart (Dan's daughter)
Nancy and Maria Ward (Annie's girl quads)
Marcy Thompson (by marriage to Lord Stewart...etc)
Nephews Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Lowell and Gregory Ward (Annie's boy quads)
Grand Nieces and Nephews (?) Danielle Andropolous (Betsy's daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Emily's son)
Played By Simone Schachter
Glynnis O'Connor
Marcia McClain
Heather Cunningham
Jacqueline Schultz (adult)
Vicky Dawson (adult)
Misc. Facts Dee is the youngest of David and Ellen Stewart's children.

Annie, Dee, and Beau
When she was younger she hit a man with her car during a bad storm one night. She waited in the hospital to see if he'd make it or not and when he woke up she tried to become friends with the man. His name was Beau Spencer and he was more taken with Dee's sister Annie than he was with her. Dee registered at the same college as Beau in an attempt to snag him.

After Beau married Annie, Dee began dating Ian MacFarland. By this time John Dixon was also interested in Dee. He told her that Ian had a heart condition. Dee and Ian went away on a vacation and made love for the first time. Ian died while they were together. Dee dated Brad Hollister, but couldn't bring herself to sleep with him after what happened with Ian. When she turned him away he turned to her sister Annie (whose marriage to Beau had since ended).

Dee, John, and Brad
Dee eventually dated John Dixon, to the chagrin of everyone in town, and since he knew what had happened with Ian she was able to sleep with him. Later, Dee finally told Brad why she'd left him (Ian's death) and he told her that he loved her. Dee told him to stay married to Annie.

When John lied to Dee that Annie was pregnant with Brad's baby she married him right away.

They had a pretty unhappy marriage and one night Dee took some sleeping pills and when John came onto her she thought he was Brad. By the time she realized who he really was she couldn't get him off her. David found her later and assumed she'd been raped. In the end there was a trial and Dee admitted that she'd never used the word rape when talking about what happened.

Dee was played by Glynnis O'Connor in the 1970s. Glynnis also played Margo Hughes in 1993/1994 when Ellen Dolan took a year off.

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