Birthday 1970
Mother Liz Talbot
Father Dan Stewart
Siblings half-sister, Emily Stewart
Children daughter, Danielle Andropolous
Paternal Grandparents Ellen Stewart and Tim Cole (Dan's biological parents)
David Stewart (Dan's step-father)
Paternal Great-Grandparents Claire and James Lowell, Jr. (Ellen's parents)
Paternal Great-Great-Grandparents Alice and James Lowell, Sr. (Ellen's grandparents)
Aunts Dee Stewart (Dan's half-sister)
Annie Stewart Ward (Dan's half-sister)
Uncles Paul Stewart (Dan's step-brother)
First Cousins Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Maria, Nancy, Gregory, and Lowell Ward (Annie's quads)
Nephews Daniel Hughes (Emily's son)
Alison McDermott (Emily's biological daughter)
Love Interests Eric Hollister (dated)
Craig Montgomery (married and divorced)
Steve Andropolous (married and divorced)
Rod Landry/Josh Snyder
Played By several child actors
Lisa Denton
Meg Ryan
Lindsay Frost
Misc. Facts Betsy's mom died after falling up the stairs trying to save Betsy who, just a child, was standing at the top about to fall.

Betsy didn't find out that Dan was actually her father and not her uncle until she was 14. Dan died soon afterwards and Betsy had a difficult time dealing with that.

She dated the much older Eric Hollister. When she wouldn't sleep with him, her sometimes-friend Cricket Montgomery would!

Betsy considered Kim her mother after she married her father Dan.

Betsy married Craig Montgomery on January 7, 1983 and divorced him the next April. She then married Steve Andropolous on June 1, 1984.

Betsy thought her daughter Danielle's father was Craig Montgomery, but it turned out to be Steve Andropolous. When Steve was arrested for drug trafficking in Greece he cruelly told Betsy to tell Dani that he died.

Betsy's daughter Dani was very close with her "uncle Craig" for a long time after Betsy found he wasn't her father.

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