Birthday 1967
Mother Ellen Stewart
Father David Stewart
Siblings sister, Dee Stewart
half-brother, Dan Stewart
half-brother, Paul Stewart
Children Lowell, Maria, Gregory, and Nancy Ward (with Jeff Ward)
Maternal Grandparents Claire English Lowell and James Lowell, Jr.
Maternal Great-Grandparents Alice Lowell and James Lowell, Sr.
Nieces Emily Stewart (Dan's daughter)
Betsy Stewart (Dan's daughter)
Marcy Thompson (by marriage to Lord Stewart...etc)
Nephews Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Grand Nieces and Nephews (?) Danielle Andropolous (Betsy's daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Emily's son)
Played By Jean Mazza
Ariana Munker
Shelly Spurlock
Martina Deignan
Julie Ridley (adult)
Randall Edwards (adult)
Mary Lynn Blanks (adult)
Misc. Facts When Carol Anne was 16 she began calling herself "Annie." She began dating the older Richard Taylor. Ellen got very strict to control Annie, but David often relented. When Annie wouldn't sleep with Richard he conveniently got them 'lost' in the woods, but Annie was smart and called David to come get her.

Annie, Dee, and Beau
Annie's younger sister Dee hit a man with her car one night in a storm, then began falling for him. When Annie met the man, Beau Spencer, she disliked him immediately. Beau didn't return Dee's feelings and found himself falling for Annie. Annie knew about Dee's feelings and wanted to turn Beau away. She asked her good friend Tom Hughes for help and they told Beau they were dating (even though they weren't). That didn't work and Beau kissed her anyway.

In 1977 Annie almost died in an accident, Dee overheard Beau telling the unconscious Annie that he loved her... not Dee. She didn't tell anyone what she'd heard. When Annie woke up she told Beau that she'd rather hurt herself than Dee and that they had to stay away from each other. Eventually Dee gave her blessing and Annie and Beau were engaged.

After their marriage Annie felt that she didn't fit in at Beau's country club parties so she decided to go to med school. When she was busy with school Beau began spending time with Jennifer Sullivan's daughter Melinda Gray. Melinda became pregnant with Beau's child and when Annie found out she left him.

Annie got an apartment with Barbara Ryan.

Annie, Dee, and Brad
Brad Hollister was attracted to Annie's sister Dee, but Dee ended up dating Ian MacFarland, then John Dixon. Annie and Brad got engaged and, unlike Dee's engagement to John, everyone approved of the union. Even though Dee still had feelings for Brad she was Annie's maid-of-honor at her wedding to Brad.

Eventually Dee told Brad why she'd left him and he told her that even though he was married to his sister, he still loved her! However, she told him to stay married to Annie.

Annie found herself pregnant with Brad's child during John Dixon's rape trial. The stress of the trial proved to much for her and she lost the child. Over the course of the trial Annie realized that Brad was in love with Dee.

Annie and Jeff
When it was time for Annie to finish med school and get a job at the hospital, Dr. Jeff Ward arranged for them to work together and she finally admitted that she loved him. When Jeff proposed Annie said yes, but told him she had to find out if she could get pregnant or not first. Just before their wedding Annie felt sick and realized she was pregnant!

Annie was told that she was pregnant with twins, but later found out it was actually quads. She gave birth to quadruplets in February of 1983.

Annie was supposed to stand up for her parents at their Christmas re-wedding in 1982, but she was way too pregnant and the task fell to her younger sister Dee instead.

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