Birthday October 1983
Mother Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropolous
Father Steve Andropolous
Maternal Grandparents Liz Talbot (deceased)
Dan Stewart(deceased)
Maternal Great-Grandparents Ellen Lowell Stewart and Tim Cole (Dan's parents)
David Stewart (Dan's adoptive/step father)
Maternal Great-Great-Grandparents Claire English Lowell and James Lowell, Jr. (Ellen's parents)
Maternal Great-Great-Great-Grandparents Alice and James Lowell, Sr. (James Lowell Jr's parents)
Aunts Emily Stewart (Betsy's half-sister)
Great-Aunts Dee Stewart (Dan's half-sister)
Annie Stewart (Dan's half-sister)
Uncles Nick Andropolous (Steve's brother)
Great-Uncles Paul Stewart (Dan's half-brother)
Cousins Frank Andropolous (Steve's cousin)
Jill Andropolous (Frank's adopted daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Emily's son)
Great-Cousins (?) Gregory, Lowell, Nancy, and Maria Ward (Annie's quads)
Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Played By Colleen Broomall (as a baby)
Kristianna Loken (teen)
Ashley Williams (teen)
Misc. Facts Dani is named after her grandfather Dan Stewart.

Betsy thought that Craig was Dani's father for a while after she was born. Even after Betsy discovered Steve was her father and divorced Craig, Craig and Dani stayed close. She called him Uncle Craig and he called her his "princess."

Dani's father Steve is in a Greek prison and has been since she was a young child. When he was arrested he told Betsy to tell Dani that he was dead.

As a teenager Dani came back to Oakdale and stayed with Emily and Susan Stewart. She was friends with Nikki Munson.

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