Birthday February 1983
Mother Carol Ann Stewart (Annie)
Father Jeff Ward
Maternal Grandparents Ellen and David Stewart
Aunts Dee Stewart (Annie's sister)
Uncles Dan Stewart (Ellen's son)
Cody Sullivan (Jeff's half-brother)
First Cousins Betsy Stewart (Dan's daughter)
Emily Stewart (Dan's daughter)
Billy Montgomery (Cody's son)
Second Cousins Danielle Andropolous (Betsy's daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Emily's son)
Played By David, Joshua, Arianna, & Rachel Goldman (babies)
4 children in 1986
Misc. Facts Annie had two miscarriages before she got pregnant with the quads. When she did find out she was pregnant the doctors told her she was having twins, but she later found out it was quads!

Annie Stewart was pregnant with the quads for the Christmas re-wedding of her parents, Ellen and David Stewart.

Nancy is the youngest of the quads.

The quads were on the show for about a year after they were born. Since then they have returned at least once, on Chris and Nancy Hughes 50th wedding anniversary in 1986. This was ATWT's 30th anniversary show.

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