Birthday February 1982
Mother Cricket Montgomery Ross
Father Cody Sullivan
Siblings half-sister, Suzie Ross
half-something, unknown
Maternal Grandparents Lyla and Bart Montgomery
Aunts Margo Montgomery Hughes (Cricket's sister)
Katie Peretti Frasier (Cricket's sister)
Annie Stewart Ward (by marriage to Cody's half-brother Jeff)
Uncles Craig Montgomery (Cricket's brother)
Tom Hughes (by marriage to Cricket's sister Margo)
Simon Frasier (by marriage to Cricket's sister Katie)
Jeff Ward (Cody's half-brother)
First Cousins Adam Hughes Munson (Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Margo's son)
Lien Hughes (Margo's step-daughter)
Daniel Hughes (Margo's step-son)
Bryant Montgomery (Craig's son, deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (Craig's daughter)
Lowell Ward (Jeff's son)
Gregory Ward (Jeff's son)
Maria Ward (Jeff's daughter)
Nancy Ward (Jeff's daughter)
Maternal Great Aunt Maggie Crawford (Cricket's aunt)
Played By Hunter Garner (teenager)
Misc. Facts Billy's biological father Cody Sullivan left Cricket when she was pregnant and presumably never met his son. Cricket met her future husband Ernie at a Christmas party she attended while very pregnant with Billy.

Billy is related to the Ward quads. They are his cousins, as their father Jeff is Billy's father Cody's half-brother.

Billy was delivered by Jeff, in Lyla's bedroom!

When Lyla was leaving town in 1993 she received a phone call from Cricket, Billy's mom, saying that she was pregnant again. As far as we know no one ever mentioned whether Cricket had a boy or a girl, but Billy has another younger sibling.

Billy returned to town on September 4, 2001. His first contact was with Jennifer Munson and he was completely naked. Apparently he'd come to visit his cousin Bryant.

Soon after, Billy and Jennifer slept together. It was Jennifer's first time and she slept with Billy despite the fact that she was still dating Bryant. She was drawn to Billy for some reason and they slept together a few more times before they got caught.

Jennifer and Billy were at Al's Diner saying goodbye because he had decided to go back to California. Jennifer told him that he couldn't leave and that she'd break up with Bryant so they could be together. She never got the chance though because Bryant stood outside the door and saw them together. He later confronted them and went a little crazy.

After following his friend Bonnie to Scotland and making a complete fool of himself there (while becoming a cartoon rather than a character) it seems that Billy has thankfully left town. Let's hope he stays gone for a good time to come.

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