Birthday February 14, 1991
Mother Margo Montgomery Hughes
Father Tom Hughes
Siblings half-brother, Adam Hughes Munson
half-brother, Daniel Hughes
half-sister, Lien Hughes
Maternal Grandparents Lyla Montgomery
John Dixon
Paternal Grandparents Bob Hughes
Lisa Grimaldi
Paternal Great-Grandparents Chris and Nancy Hughes (Bob's parents)
Henry and Alma Miller (Lisa's parents)
Paternal Great-Great-Grandparents Will Hughes (Chris' father)
Aunts Cricket Montgomery Ross (Margo's half-sister)
Katie Peretti Frasier (Margo's half-sister)
Sierra Montgomery (by marriage to Margo's half-brother Craig)
Frannie Hughes (Tom's half-sister)
Sabrina Hughes (Tom's half-sister)
Great Aunts Penny Hughes (Bob's sister)
Susan Hughes (Bob's sister, deceased)
Mary Ellison Hughes (Bob's brother Don's wife)
Maggie Crawford (Lyla's sister)
Great-Great-Aunts Edith Hughes (Chris' sister)
Marion Hughes (Chris' brother John's wife)
Uncles Duke Kramer Dixon (Margo's half-brother)
Craig Montgomery (Margo's half-brother)
MJ Dixon (Margo's half-brother)
Andy Dixon (Margo's half-brother, Tom's step-brother)
Johnny Dixon (Margo's half-brother, deceased)
Chuck Shea (Tom's half-brother, deceased)
Christopher Hughes (Tom's half-brother)
Scott Eldridge (Tom's half-brother)
Ernie Ross (by marriage to Margo's half-sister Cricket)
Great Uncles Don Hughes (Bob's brother)
Anton Cunningham (Bob's sister Penny's husband)
Great-Great-Uncles John Hughes (Chris' brother)
Dr. George Frey (Chris' sister Edith's husband)
First Cousins Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
Lucinda Marie Montgomery (Craig's daughter)
Bryant Montgomery (Craig's son, deceased)
Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Great Cousins (?) Christina Hughes (Don and Mary's daughter)
Ryder Hughes (Don and Mary's adopted son)
Amy Lin Hughes (Penny's daughter)
Played By

Cruise Russo (baby thru 8yrs)
Joseph Cross (pre-teen)
Ian Boyd
Peter Vack
Zach Roerig

Misc. Facts Margo found out she was pregnant with Casey Robert Hughes the day after she pulled the plug on her father-in-law Casey Peretti, at his request.

After a fairly uneventful pregnancy (aside from being on trial for murder for part of it), Margo gave birth on Valentine's Day of 1991.

Casey is named after Casey Peretti, who would have been his step-grandfather, and Bob Hughes, his grandfather. When Margo was pregnant she and Tom found out they were having a boy and decided that Casey was the perfect name for him. Before his death, Casey Peretti and Lyla were trying to have another child. They often joked with Tom and Margo about beating them to the delivery room (Tom and Margo were trying too). Since Casey died and their child never was, Margo thought naming her child after him was fitting.

Casey was kidnapped as a young child for several months in 1996. A woman from Nancy's support group whose young son had died had taken him. Casey tried to leave clues (a dropped key chain) so his parents could find him. With Hal and Nikki's help, they finally found Casey in the woman's apartment.

A year or so later Casey disappeared again in a mall at Christmastime. Everyone freaked out, but it turned out Casey had walked off with Emily Stewart who lured him away with a toy for some reason. Casey was found a little while later.

In high school, Casey knocked up Gwen Norbeck. He denied that it was his baby, until after the baby whom Gwen had named Billy Norbeck had died.

Casey dated Maddie Coleman until he went to prison for stealing money from his grandmother's club (????).

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