Birthday November 25, 1997
Mother Barbara Ryan
Father John Dixon
Siblings half-brother, Paul Ryan
half-brother, Will Munson
half-sister, Jennifer Munson
half-brother, Andy Dixon
half-brother, Duke Kramer DixonL
half-brother, M.J. Dixon
half-sister, Margo Hughes
step-brother, Parker Munson
step-brother, Adam Hughes Munson
step-sister, Nikki Munson
Maternal Grandparents Chuck Ryan and Jennifer Sullivan Ryan
Aunts Frannie Hughes (Barbara's sister)
Melinda Gray (Barbara's sister, deceased)
Annette Wagner (John's sister)
Great-Aunts Kim Hughes (Barbara's aunt)
Uncles Rick Ryan (Barbara's brother)
First Cousins Pam Wagner (John's sister Annette's daughter)
Second Cousins Sabrina Hughes (Barbara's aunt Kim's daughter)
Chris Hughes (Barbara's aunt Kim's son)
Andy Dixon (Barbara's aunt Kim's son)
Nieces and Nephews Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
Misc. Facts Barbara Ryan was surprised to find out she was pregnant with baby Johnny in 1997. She was almost full-term when she was caught in the fire at the church. She went into a coma following the fire and John decided to save her life by having his son delivered prematurely. He named the child Johnny. Johnny's lungs never fully developed and he only lived a few short days. John held his son in his arms and rocked him as he died, never getting to meet his mother who was still unconscious. Johnny had a funeral a few days later and his mother was not able to attend that either.

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