Birthday 1977-78??
Mother Barbara Ryan
Father James Stenbeck
step-father, Hal Munson
Siblings half-brother, David Stenbeck
half-sister, Jennifer Munson
half-brother, Will Munson
half-brother, Johnny Dixon (deceased)
step-brother, Adam Hughes Munson
step-brother, Parker Munson
step-sister Nikki Munson
Maternal Grandparents Jennifer and Chuck Ryan (deceased)
Paternal Grandparents Greta Aldrin
Aunts Ariel Aldrin (James' sister)
Frannie Hughes (Barbara's half-sister)
Melinda Gray (Barbara's sister)
Uncles Rick Ryan (Barbara's brother)
Great Aunt Kim Hughes (Barbara's aunt)
Great Cousins

Chris Hughes (Kim's son)
Andy Dixon (Kim's son)
Sabrina Hughes (Kim's daughter)

Great Great Cousins Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
Love Interests Lien Hughes (dated)
Emily Stewart (lovers)
Rose D'Angelo (engaged)
Played By Danny Pintauro (child)
Eldin Ratliss (child)
Andrew Kavovit (teenager)
John Howard (adult)
Scott Holroyd (adult)
Misc. Facts

Paul celebrated his 16th birthday in 1986.

Paul's best friend during his teenage years was Andy Dixon. He continually tried to help Andy with his alcoholism. He got Jessica Griffin to be Andy's lawyer when his parents refused to enable him after his drunk driving accident.

Paul shot his father dead (supposedly) when he found him attempting to strangle Emily Stewart to death in her apartment.

Paul, his father James, and his brother David all have one thing in common... they've all slept with Emily Stewart.

Paul recently returned to Oakdale in 2001 when his mother was burnt in an explosion. He's as mommy-whipped as ever and immediately went to work trying to "get" Craig Montgomery for all he believed he did to his mother.

Paul also struck up a friendship with Rose D'Angelo which has grown into love. After Rose returned from the spa, Paul told her he loved her despite her aging appearance. She told him that they should just be friends after someone mistook her for his mother (!). Paul tried, but he wasn't successful at being "just friends" so he decided to ask Rose to marry him. After some persuading she said yes! Paul didn't just buy her an engagement ring, he bought 3 cheesy rings to give her first. A disco dazzler, a mood ring, and a decoder ring. Rose loved all of them, and Paul threw another ring onto the table. This one was in a plastic bag. She pulled it out and it was a huge diamond ring! So Paul and Rose are officially engaged now.

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