Annie Stewart drops Paul off so he can spend Christmas with his mother Barbara and Gunnar St. Clair. James doesn't know about the visit and would not be ok with it. He'd been telling Paul that Barbara was very sick. James is actually off with his mother and sister.
Paul ran into Barbara's arms as soon as he saw her.
Barbara and Paul have a conversation about his daddy. Barbara tells him that she is not sick and that she is not going to die.
Paul listens as Barbara tells him that he can spend Christmas with her.
Paul spends the day before Thanksgiving 1986 with his best friend Andy and the Hughes family.
Paul, Andy, and Lien at the Hughes house for Christmas.
It's Christmastime so Andy's getting drunk while Paul watches.
Paul declines when Andy offers him a drink.
It's now the next Christmas and Andy's drunk yet again while Paul tries to help him out. This time Andy's upset over something Julie's done.
Finally some trouble for Paul. Here he is shooting his father James, who happened to be strangling Emily Stewart at the time.
Paul at an airport.

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