Birthday September 2, 1986
Mother Kim Sullivan Hughes
Father Bob Hughes
Siblings sister, Sabrina Hughes
half-sister, Frannie Hughes
half-brother, Andy Dixon
half-brother, Tom Hughes
Paternal Grandparents Chris and Nancy Hughes
Paternal Great-Grandparents Will Hughes (Chris' father, deceased)
Aunts Jennifer Sullivan (Kim's sister, deceased)
Penny Hughes (Bob's sister)
Susan Hughes (Bob's sister, deceased)
Mary Hughes (by marriage to Don)
Great-Aunts Edith Hughes (Chris' sister)
Marion Hughes (Chris' brother John's wife)
Uncles Don Hughes
Anton Cunningham (by marriage to Penny)
Great-Uncles John Hughes (Chris' brother)
Dr. George Frey (Chris' sister Edith's husband)
First Cousins Barbara Ryan (Jennifer's daughter)
Rick Ryan (Jennifer's son)
Melinda Gray (Jennifer's daughter, deceased)
Christina Nancy Hughes (Don and Mary's daughter)
Ryder Hughes (Don and Mary's adopted son)
Amy Lin Hughes (Penny's adopted daughter)
Second Cousins Jennifer Munson (Barbara's daughter)
Will Munson (Barbara's son)
Paul Ryan (Barbara's son)
Johnny Dixon (Barbara's son, deceased)
Nephews Adam Hughes Munson (adopted by Tom)
Casey Hughes (Tom's son)
Daniel Hughes (Tom's son)
Nieces Lien Hughes (Tom's daughter)
Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
Love Interests Georgia Tucker (dated)
Katie Peretti (flirted)
Molly Conlan (slept with)
Abigail Williams (dated)
Emily Stewart (slept with)
Played By Adam Hirshan (baby)
Joseph Woodstock III (child)
Eren Ross Canata (child)
Christian Siefert (child)
Ben Jorgenson (adult)
Paul Korver (adult)
Alan White (adult)
Misc. Facts Christopher was the result of a planned late-in-life pregnancy for Kim and Bob Hughes.

Bob found out Kim was pregnant with Chris when she and Frannie were kidnapped by Doug Cummings... Lisa told him!

Chris was born on September 2, 1986 (the same night Bryant Montgomery was conceived) while Bob, Kim, Andy, Frannie, and Casey were up at a cabin. Bob had to leave to go back to the hospital for an emergency and Kim went into labor after he left. Casey delivered the baby and became his godfather.

This was also Casey's birthday.

Chris is named after his paternal grandfather, Chris Hughes, who died a few months before Christopher was born. His middle name is Robert, after his father.

Chris is approximately the same age as his cousin, Christina Nancy. Both were born relatively close to the death of Chris Hughes and both were named after him.

Chris went to Columbia University for at least one semester but he was thrown out for not attending classes. He returned to Oakdale and dated Georgia Tucker for a while. When Georgia fell for Eddie Silva instead he flirted with Katie Peretti.

In 1999 Chris began an affair with Andy's ex-fiancee, Molly Conlan. Soon he also began dating her daughter (though he didn't know it at the time) Abigail Williams. Abigail told Chris that her name was Daisy and never let on that Molly was her mother. When she found out he'd slept with her mother she broke up with him.

Next Chris moved onto his other brother's ex. He got a job as a reporter for the Intruder, owned by Emily Stewart. Chris and Emily didn't really have a romantic relationship, it was mostly just sex. Emily broke it off with him after he told her that he loved her.

Chris left town in 2001 to return to college and be pre-med. This is following his careers as a cab driver and a writer for the Intruder.

Chris is about to return to Oakdale, now a full fledged doctor!

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