Birthday 1993
Mother Barbara Ryan Munson
Father Hal Munson
Siblings half-sister, Jennifer Munson
half-sister, Nikki Munson
half-brother, Paul Ryan
half-brother, Johnny Dixon (deceased)
half-brother, Parker Munson
half-brother, Adam Hughes Munson
Maternal Grandparents Jennifer Sullivan Ryan
Chuck Ryan
Aunts Frannie Hughes (Barbara's half-sister)
Melinda Gray (Barbara's sister, deceased)
Claire Munson Shelby (Hal's sister)
Uncles Rick Ryan (Barbara's brother)
First Cousins Tess Shelby (Hal's sister Claire's daughter)
Played By John Pink (baby)
Bryan Abadrabo (child)
Brent Groneman (child)
Misc. Facts Will is the "ours" in the his, hers, and ours kids of Hal Munson and Barbara Ryan.

Hal was thought to be dead most of the time Barbara was pregnant with Will.

Will apparently isn't dealing well with Hal and Barbara's impending divorce. His teacher recently told Hal and Babs that Will was withdrawn and quiet in class.

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