Birthday December 31, 1998 at 11:59:50 pm
Mother Carly Tenney
Father Hal Munson
Siblings half-sister, Nora Kasnoff (deceased)
half-sister, Nikki Munson
half-brother, Adam Hughes Munson
half-brother, Will Munson
step-sister, Jennifer Munson
step-brother, Paul Ryan
step-brother, Johnny Dixon (deceased)
Maternal Grandparents Ray Tenney and Sheila Washburne (Carly's parents)
step-grandparents, Jennifer and Chuck Ryan (Barbara's parents, deceased)
Aunts Rosanna Cabot (Carly's half-sister)
step-aunt, Frannie Hughes (Barbara's half-sister)
step-aunt, Melinda Gray (Barbara's sister, deceased)
Claire Munson Shelby (Hal's sister)
Uncles step-uncle, Rick Ryan (Barbara's brother)
Cousins Molly Conlan (Carly's cousin... somehow)
Abigail Williams (Molly's daughter)
Tess Shelby (Hal's sister Claire's daughter)
Additional Relatives Lauren Cabot (Rosanna's half-sister)
Peter Cabot (Rosanna's half-brother)
Played By Justin Weiss (baby)
Cole Kachelhoffer (toddler)
Misc. Facts

Parker owes his existance mostly to his mother's greed. Carly conceived Parker to get a $50 million inheritance (for him). She thought John Dixon was his father for a while, so she married him. Then she found out that Hal was his real father and decided not to tell him.

Finally, Carly's third husband Brad Snyder told everyone the truth about Parker's father. Parker now lives with Hal and Barbara and some of his half- and step-siblings.

Carly was going to name her baby Joseph while she was pregnant, but after he was born (seconds before the deadline for the inheritance) she decided that Parker Joe sounded more upscale since they were now going to be rich.

Parker was almost killed in a car accident when his step-sister Jennifer decided he didn't need a car seat for a joy ride. She was wrong and Parker spent a while in the hospital as a result.

Parker has recently become the most beloved kid in town. Rosanna returned to take custody of him while Carly is away and Hal is incapacitated. When Craig heard, he took Parker "on the run" but Margo found him out and he passed Parker off to Katie and Simon. Katie did her usual wacky things and passed Parker off to Nancy McCloskey, who returned Parker to Rosanna at the police station.

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