Birthday October 29, 1990
Mother Barbara Ryan Munson
Father Darryl Crawford
Hal Munson (adoptive father)
Siblings half-brother, Will Munson
half-brother, Paul Ryan
half-brother, Johnny Dixon(deceased)
half-sister, Carrie Crawford
step-brother, Parker Munson
step-brother, Adam Hughes Munson
step-sister, Nikki Munson
Children John Dustin Munson Donovan (with Craig Montgomery)
Maternal Grandparents Jennifer Sullivan Ryan
Chuck Ryan
Aunts Frannie Hughes (Barbara's half-sister)
Melinda Gray (Barbara's sister, deceased)
Claire Munson Shelby (Hal's sister)
Uncles Rick Ryan (Barbara's brother)
First Cousins Tess Shelby (Hal's sister Claire's daughter)
Played By

Michelle Ann Nemeh (infant, 1990-91)
Sara Garney (baby)
Brianne Sassone (child)
Alexandra Herzog (child)
Kim Onasch (teenager)

Misc. Facts Jennifer Louise Munson was named after her grandmother, Jennifer Sullivan Ryan.

Are You My Daddy?
Barbara went into labor with Jennifer while on a plane either going to or coming back from a trip to New York City. Barbara wasn't due until 3 weeks after her trip, but she went into labor early. Since everyone believed that the baby was Hal's, they didn't know the baby was premature. Later on, Margo's suspicions about why Barbara would travel on her due date led her to find out that the baby wasn't Hal's afterall. When she was born, Barbara let Hal believe that she was his daughter. Jennifer's father is actually Darryl Crawford, a man Barbara had a brief affair with in Europe.

When Hal found out he was not Jennifer's father he divorced Barbara.

Before telling anyone that Darryl was Jennifer's father she told them Gavin Krueger was. Eventually Gavin was found guilty of conspiring to have Carolyn Crawford (and many others) murdered and Barbara admitted that Hal was Jenn's father.

Jenn knows that Hal is not her father, she rarely mentions her real father, Darryl... but she does know that he is her father. She was apparently told off-screen, sometime after Hal told Adam that he was his father (that's when he demanded to Barbara that they tell Jennifer the truth ASAP).

Darryl and Aunt Frannie
Darryl married Barbara's half-sister Frannie after his wife was murdered. A surrogate mother gave birth to Jennifer's sister, Darryl and his late wife Carolyn's daughter Carrie Crawford, around the time Jennifer was born.

When Darryl, told his wife, Frannie, that he was Jennifer's father Frannie left him.

Back From School
Jennifer returned from boarding school in 1999 around the time of Hal and Barbara's third wedding. She and Adam often commented on their Brady Bunch-like family.

When Tom and Margo were separated in 1998/1999 Jenn often helped Adam deal, since she was a child of divorce several times over.

Jennifer began dating Bryant Montgomery, until she found out he was also stringing along her best friend Abigail Williams. She broke up with him, but they soon reunited. Dating Bryant has caused Jenn to make some serious lapses in judgement. She took her baby brother Parker for a ride in the car, at Bryant's request, without his carseat and nearly killed him when the car crashed.

Jennifer vocally protested her mother's involvement with Bryant's father Craig. She threatened to move out if her mother didn't start acting more like a parent.

Barbara didn't grow up and Jennifer moved out and moved into a cottage with Bryant. She refused to sleep with him despite the fact that they were living together and that caused a lot of friction in their relationship.

Most recently Jennifer seems to be attracted to Bryant's newly arrived cousin, Billy Ross.

Also, Barbara recently disowned Jennifer. She was burned in a fire and locked herself in Fairwinds, refusing to see anyone. When Jennifer got in to see her, Barbara turned her back on her and told her that if she ever came to visit her again she would not see her. Barbara disowned Jennifer again, after she came to visit her once.

After months of teasing Bryant by telling him she was ready to have sex and pulling away at the last second, Jennifer finally gave it up to his cousin Billy Ross. Jennifer and Billy slept together a few more times before Bryant caught them and lost it.

Oh Baby!

Jennifer slept with Craig Montgomery and ended up pregnant. She gave birth prematurely to a baby boy, on the same day that Gwen Norbeck gave birth to her baby boy. Craig and Rosanna planned on adopting Gwen's baby, and Craig switched the babies so that he would be adopting his own biological son. Unfortunately, due to Gwen's crappy pregnancy behaviors (smoking etc) her baby died. Jennifer, believing her son was dead, was devastated and in disbelief.

Eventually Jennifer fell in love with Dusty Donovan and realized that her son hadn't died afterall. She was eventually reunited with the baby, whom she renamed John Duston Munson Donovan, after Dusty.

Sweet Release

Just after Jennifer was reunited with her son, he fell ill. As he was being released from the hospital following treatment, Jennifer was diagnosed with viral pneumonia. She refused to stay at the hospital for treatment, insisting on going home with her son. Bad idea, she got worse and worse, married Dusty and croaked.

Jennifer died on July 7, 2006.

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