Birthday November 26, 1991
Mother Carolyn Crawford (deceased before Carrie's birth)
Dana Lambert (surrogate)
Frannie Hughes (adoptive)
Father Darryl Crawford
Siblings half-sister, Jennifer Munson (Darryl's daughter with Barara Ryan)
Maternal Grandparents Nate DeWitt (Carolyn's father, deceased)
adoptive, Jennifer Sullivan Ryan (deceased) & Bob Hughes
Maternal Great-Grandparents adoptive, Chris and Nancy Hughes (Frannie's father Bob's parents)
Aunts Barbara Ryan (Frannie's half-sister)
Sabrina Hughes (Frannie's half-sister)
Uncles Tom Hughes (Frannie's half-brother)
Christopher Hughes (Frannie's half-brother)
Andy Dixon (Frannie's step-brother and cousin)
Maternal Great Aunt/Uncle Charles and Grace DeWitt (Carolyn's aunt and uncle)
First Cousins Jennifer Munson (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's daughter)
Will Munson (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's son)
Paul Ryan (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's son)
Johnny Dixon (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's son, deceased)
Parker Munson (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's step-son)
Adam Hughes Munson (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's step-son)
Nikki Munson (Frannie's half-sister Barbara's step-daughter)
Played By Felicia Cambi (baby)
Misc. Facts Carolyn Dana is named after her biological mother, Carolyn Crawford, who died before the surrogate mother Dana Lambert (who Carrie's middle name is for) gave birth.

Dana went into labor a little prematurely after being frightened by a woman impersonating the dead Carolyn Crawford. She fell and was knocked unconscious. Margo came over a little while later to check on her and found her. She was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to Carrie a short while later.

Frannie and Darryl had been about to go on a weekend trip but cancelled when they found out Dana was in labor.

Frannie Hughes Crawford adopted Carrie when she married Carrie's father Darryl.

When Frannie and Darryl divorced, Frannie moved to Montega and Darryl took Carrie and moved back to Des Moines.

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