Mother Lyla Montgomery Peretti
Father Bart Montgomery
Siblings sister, Cricket Montgomery Ross
half-sister, Katie Peretti Frazier
half-sister, Margo Montgomery Hughes
Children Bryant Craig Montgomery (deceased)
Lucinda Marie Montgomery
Aunts Maggie Crawford Andropolous (Lyla's sister)
Uncles Frank Andropolous (by marriage)
First Cousins Jill Andropolous (adopted by Frank and Maggie)

Adam Hughes Munson (Margo's son)
Casey Robert Hughes (Margo's son)
Daniel Stewart Hughes (Margo's step-son)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Baby Ross (Cricket's third son or daughter)

Nieces Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
Lien Hughes (Margo's step-daughter)
Love Interests

Betsy Stewart (married and divorced)
Sierra Esteban Montgomery (married and divorced)
Barbara Ryan (married and divorced)
Carly Tenney (flirtation)
Rosanna Cabot (sleeping with)

Played By Scott Bryce (adult)
Hunt Block (adult)
Misc. Facts Craig was married to Betsy Stewart Andropolous in the early 80s. For a while he believed that he was the father of her daughter, Dani. When he found out the truth, that Steve was Dani's father, he did not tell Betsy. When Betsy was injured in a car accident and lost her memory, Craig led her to believe that she was in love with him, and they were happily married and raising their daughter. Eventually Betsy remembered everything and found out that Craig was not Dani's father. They divorced and she married Steve. Craig continually tried to see Dani as he loved her like his own.

Craig worked for Lucinda Walsh back then and was very apprehensive when she asked him to go down to the war torn country of Montega (sounds like Avanya, huh?) to find a young girl named Sierra. Lucinda told Craig that Sierra was the daughter of an old friend that lived in the country. Craig finally agreed to help Lucinda and while in Montega he found the young girl he was looking for. Craig and Sierra fell in love in Montega, but before they could leave the country together Sierra was taken. Believing Sierra had been killed, Craig was forced to leave Montega alone.

Sierra had actually been rescued and brought to the states by a man named Michael Christopher (who I believe turned out to be Steve Andropolous' father). He had his friends Betsy and Steve house Sierra to keep her safe while things were settled in Montega.

When Craig returned and his ex-wife Betsy (with whom he was now becoming close friends) told him that she had a surprise for him. She led to her cabin in the woods and told him to go inside for his surprise. Craig went inside and found Sierra, alive and well.

Craig and Sierra dated and got very close, much to Lucinda's consternation. They were engaged and were going to be married on Valentine's Day. But during a weekend away at the Foxwood Lodge, just as they were about to make love for the first time, John Dixon showed up and told Sierra that Lucinda Walsh was her biological mother.

Craig and Sierra split up for a while. She had found out that Craig had slept with her mother. Sierra spent time with John Dixon and Craig tried to win her back. Just as they were about to reunite, Sierra's former love Tonio Reyes showed up from Montega. Sierra had believed Tonio to be dead (common theme in their storylines) and was thrilled to find him alive. She reassured Craig that it was him that she loved, despite the fact that she admitted had she married Tonio they probably would have had a happy life together (no one ever accused her of being a good judge of character!).

Sierra got involved with Tonio again and Craig got involved with Iva Snyder. During this mess, Tad Channing was killed... found dead in a block of cement with only his hand showing. Craig hid evidence to keep suspicion from falling on Iva who had a porn past with Tad.

Tonio and Sierra were married, Craig and Iva dated. Iva was paralyzed when the roof of the barn fell on her and Craig felt he had to stay with her out of obligation.

Sierra eventually realized what a loser her husband was and began having doubts as to his involvement in Tad Channing's death. When she decided to leave what was nearly becoming a violent relationship, she fled to the last place she had felt safe and happy, the Foxwood Lodge. Despite the fact that he was a suspect in a murder and not supposed to leave town, Craig followed her up to the lodge. While there, Craig and Sierra admitted that they still loved each other and made love for the first time. Tonio soon showed up with the police and Craig was arrested and carted off to prison. Sierra said she'd wait for him.

However, while Craig was in prison Sierra realized she was pregnant. She and Betsy discussed the possibility that it may be Craig's child, not her husband Tonio's. Sierra decided that she had to tell Craig she was pregnant, even if it was only possibly his baby. She also said that she knew in her heart that it was Craig's baby.

While in prison, Craig got in a nasty fight with some other inmates and he was almost killed. However, Iva confessed that Craig was making himself look guilty to keep suspicion off her and Craig was released from prison just in time. He had himself tested to see if his former sterility treatments had worked and if it was possible that he had fathered Sierra's baby. The tests came back saying that he was still sterile and the treatments hadn't worked and he regretfully told Sierra it could not be his child.

Sierra was destroyed by the idea of carrying Tonio's child and she fled to London for a while. When she returned, she was still married to Tonio and Craig was still dating Iva Snyder. Craig and Sierra decided that if they could not be together (Sierra had insisted that Craig would never be able to accept Tonio's child as his own and Craig had agreed), that they would be the best of friends.

Toward the end of her pregnancy, Sierra's divorce to Tonio became final and she had accepted that she was going to raise her baby alone. Craig told her that even though he was very upset that he had "lost" another child by turning out not to be the father, he would be touched if the baby would always think of him as "Uncle Craig" just like Dani did. Sierra agreed.

One night, alone in her hotel room Sierra fell and was eventually rushed to the hospital. Craig called any and everyone and summoned them to the hospital. Betsy told Craig that he was acting like it was his baby and she told him that she knew he and Sierra belonged together. Craig left the hospital and went to buy Sierra some flowers after he found out that both she and the baby would be fine.

While at the flower shop, Margo showed up and told Craig to get back to the hospital because Sierra was in labor. Craig got back to the hospital and began acting like a crazed expectant father. He stood outside the delivery room harassing everyone that walked by for updates on Sierra and the baby. He finally calmed when he heard the baby's first cries from inside the room. He went back to the waiting room where Margo, Lyla, Casey, Iva, John and Lucinda were waiting and told them that he heard the cries and that it had the lungs of a baby boy!

Inside the delivery room Sierra and Tonio welcomed their son. Tonio left for a while and the doctor told Sierra there was a problem with her baby's medical charts. She said that because of the bloodtypes it was impossible for Tonio to be the father. Sierra realized that Craig must be her baby's father afterall, because he was the only other man she had ever slept with. She was overjoyed and couldn't wait to tell Craig.

After visitor after visitor had met the new baby, Craig finally came in. He told Sierra that he felt foolish for being so afraid to see the baby, but that he knew that someone so beautiful could never come between them. Sierra said no, this baby would never come between them. Craig noticed that Tonio was gone and asked why he had left his son. Sierra said that Tonio never would have left his son so soon after his birth, if it had been HIS son. Craig was incredibly confused as Sierra tried to tell him that the baby was his. He was sterile, the tests had proved it. Sierra told him to believe in miracles and he held his child for the first time. She told Craig that she was going with the baby name that she had discussed with him a while ago. Their child's name would be Bryant Craig Montgomery (Bryant is Craig's middle name).

After spending time with Sierra and the baby, Craig went to find Casey Peretti. He discussed the news he'd just gotten and tried to figure out how he could be the father. Casey asked if Craig had been injured any time after the conception but before the last sterility tests and Craig flashed back to his prison fight. He must've been re-injured then!

Craig went home for a while and soon returned with a glove for his son and an engagement ring for Sierra! They were married in their hospital room the next day, with baby Bryant in attendance.

About a month after Craig and Sierra were married, Craig and Betsy had to fly to Rome for business and to try to find Betsy's husband Steve who was involved in some shady business dealings on the island of Corfu. Craig and Betsy's plane crashed and Craig's body wasn't found.

Sierra never believed that Craig was dead (hey, husband #1 wasn't dead, why would #2 be?) and she went about raising baby Bryant and denying Craig's death.

About a year or so later, Sierra took Bryant and moved back to Montega.

Margo was hiding in Greece, about to give birth to her child with Hal when she, Lyla and Casey found Craig (it was a lot more complicated than that though). Craig returned to Oakdale, ready to reunite with his family... however Sierra had just left for Montega. Before Craig could get to Montega he got word that Sierra had been kidnapped and perhaps killed. He went down to Montega and found Sierra's estate. While on the estate he heard a baby crying and found his son, Bryant. Sierra's friend told Craig that she had been taken and executed in the square. Craig took his son back to Oakdale, moved in with Lyla and Casey and tried to go on.

During this time period, Casey did a lot more raising of Bryant than Craig did. Craig finally got his wits about him, took Bryant and moved out on their own again. He began seeing Ellie Snyder (making his way thru that family quickly). On the night he was going to propose to Ellie, Sierra showed up at the Snyder farm, alive and well (while Craig was down on one knee no less!).

Sierra was reunited with her son Bryant and her husband Craig, while Ellie watched. Craig was extremely conflicted over who to choose, Ellie or Sierra. Sierra decided that he needed to make that decision without interference from her, so she left Bryant with Craig for a while and went back to Montega (which was now a "safe" place). Ellie lied to Craig and told him that she had been seeing Brock Lombard because she knew that he would choose her out of obligation when he really loved Sierra.

Craig took Bryant and hopped on a jet to Montega where he was finally reunited with Sierra. Both of them stayed alive and well down in Montega for a long time. In 1991, Craig and Sierra called Oakdale and told everyone that they had had a daughter, Lucinda Marie. The grandmas and namesakes, Lyla (Marie) and Lucinda went down to Montega to visit their newest grandchild.

A few years later Craig and Bryant came back to town, apparently Sierra had been having an affair with some Montegan rebel named Ramon. Craig dated Emily and got involved with Samantha, Lucinda's sister. Eventually Sierra came back to town and she and Craig reunited yet again and moved their family back to Montega together.

Craig came back to Oakdale, as did Bryant, a few years later. Since being in town, Craig has been involved with Carly, married to Barbara, and is now involved with Carly's sister Rosanna (Craig SURE likes to keep it in the family... Sierra & Lucinda, Iva & Ellie, Carly & Rosanna... nice habit Craig).

Sierra came back to town to tell Craig their divorce hadn't been final, however, she finally signed the divorce papers and she and Craig celebrated by making love! Sierra left town again. She returned again when their firstborn Bryant was killed in a car accident.

Craig is now raising his daughter Lucy in Oakdale, while Sierra lives in Montega and is apparently seeing someone. Craig is a bit of a louse (a big bit) without Sierra's good influence (hey, he sucked before her, he sucks after her... it makes sense), but they remain very close from all indications. He recently flew to Montega to discuss Lucy and her dating habits.

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