This is the Christmas before Katie was born. Lyla was in Boston and Casey brought presents to everyone in Oakdale, then went to spend the holiday with his pregnant wife.
Casey gave Lyla a teddy bear during the montage at the end of the show.
Christmas 1989, the only Christmas Katie got to spend with her father before he died in June of 1990. Here they are at the Hughes house. Actress Anne Sward's (Lyla) daughter, Cori, plays Kate as a baby.

Cal, Lyla, Susan, and Katie on Christmas 1991.
Katie plays with a toy boat that Cal gave her for Christmas.
Lyla tells Katie to thank Cal for the toys, so she whispers "Thank you Cal" and they all laugh.
Lyla Peretti, Katie's mother, returns for Christmas 2000. Terri Conn plays Katie now.
Katie is reunited with her mother.
Katie has a fight with her husband Simon Frasier.
Katie Peretti's first husband, Simon Frasier.
In 2001, Katie and her sidekick Henry (or is that Henry and his sidekick Katie?) went back to that awful island Lily and Simon were stranded on to find the diamond that had been lost.
Katie and Henry on The Island.

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