Birthday February 22, 1989
Mother Lyla Montgomery Peretti
Father Casey Peretti
Siblings half-sister, Cricket Montgomery Ross
half-sister, Margo Montgomery Hughes
half-brother, Craig Montgomery
Paternal Grandparents Joe and Maureen Peretti (Casey's parents)
Paternal Great-Grandparents Rose Peretti (Casey's grandmother)
Aunts Maggie Crawford Andropolous (Lyla's sister)
Uncles Frank Andropolous (by marriage)
First Cousins Jill Andropolous (adopted by Frank and Maggie)
Nephews Adam Hughes Munson (Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Margo's son)
Bryant Montgomery (Craig's son, deceased)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Nieces Lucinda Marie Montgomery (Craig's daughter)
Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
Love Interests Simon Frasier (married)
Played By Cori Anne Hansen (as a baby)
Terri Conn (adult)
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Katie was conceived in Greece. Lyla and Casey had gone there to help rescue Katie's older brother Craig who had just been found out to be alive. Katie's sister Margo was also hiding out in Greece, pregnant with Adam.

Katie was played by actress Anne Sward's (Lyla) real-life daughter Cori Anne as a baby until they both left ATWT in 1993.

Katie was delivered by the same doctor who delivered her father, Casey. By the time Katie was born, her father Casey was already partially paralyzed.

Casey died when Katie was 1 year and 4 months old.

Katie was usually called Kate, until she returned as an adult and everyone started calling her Katie. Several people nicknamed her Katydid.

Katie's grandparents Joe and Maureen lived in Boston and went on the road with Lyla and Katie when Lyla went on tour in 1993.

Katie lost her virginity to Simon Frasier in the back of his car at the garage, following her brother Craig's Halloween party in 2000. Simon didn't know if was Katie's first time. A while later Katie married Simon to keep him from being deported to Australia.

Katie faked a pregnancy to keep her husband from running off with Lily Snyder. She recently was exposed and forced to admit she wasn't pregnant afterall.

Katie is 1/4 Tuscan. Her father, Casey Peretti, was half Irish, half Italian.

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