Birthday 1972
Mother Susan Stewart
Father Dan Stewart
Siblings half-sister, Betsy Stewart
half-sister, Alison McDermott
Children son, Daniel Hughes
daughter, Alison McDermott
Paternal Grandparents Ellen Stewart and Tim Cole (Dan's biological parents)
David Stewart (Dan's step-father)
Maternal Grandparents Julia and Fred Burke (Susan's parents)
Paternal Great-Grandparents Claire and James Lowell, Jr. (Ellen's parents)
Paternal Great-Great-Grandparents Alice and James Lowell, Sr. (Ellen's grandparents)
Aunts Dee Stewart (Dan's half-sister)
Annie Stewart Ward (Dan's half-sister)
Uncles Paul Stewart (Dan's step-brother)
First Cousins Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Maria, Nancy, Gregory, and Lowell Ward (Annie's quads)
Nieces Danielle Andropolous (Betsy's daughter)
Played By Janine Sagan
Pat Reynolds
Jenny Harris
Marisa Morell
Colleen McDermott
Melanie Smith
Kelly Menighan Hensley
Misc. Facts Emily was born to a pretty unloving mother, Susan.

She was known as Emmy as a child.

Emily and The Stenbecks
Emily has slept with all 3 Stenbecks, James, David, and Paul. She was seduced by James when she was just 17 and in Europe. She tried to break it off with him, but he intimidated her into continueing their relationship.

When Emily was a little older she had a relationship with James' son, Paul Ryan. She was Paul's "first" and they were close for a while. When James attacked Emily one day, Paul shot him and they thought for years that he was dead. But, being James Stenbeck, he of course was not dead.

In 1997 Emily began seeing David Allen. It was eventually discovered that David Allen was actually David Stenbeck. When Emily finally told David that she'd had an affair with his father, he told her that he didn't care and that it was a long time ago.

Emily and Alison
Emily's sister, Alison, is also Emily's biological daughter. When Emily's mother Susan and her much younger husband Larry McDermott wanted a child they used one of Emily's eggs. Susan carried the child and gave birth to her, but Emily is biologically Alison's mother.

Emily, Tom, and Daniel
Emily became obsessed with Tom Hughes in 1998. She "fell in love with him" while they were working together at the Argus. Tom was having problems with his wife, Margo and one night he and Emily slept together on the floor of her undecorated new apartment in Oakdale Court. At that very moment, Tom's wife Margo was miscarrying their child.

Tom went back to Margo and played the perfect husband for a while, until Emily finally set up Margo to find out about her one-night stand with Tom. Margo was livid and she and Tom separated again. When they were finally working their way back to each other Emily decided she needed to be pregnant, so she attempted to fake a pregnancy with Molly and Susan's help. Much to Emily's surprise she didn't need to fake a pregnancy, Susan broke the news that she actually WAS pregnant!

After being kidnapped by David Stenbeck and held hostage for most of her pregnancy Emily finally escaped and gave birth to her son, Daniel, in April of 1999.

Shortly after Daniel's birth Emily was committed to a mental institution. After her release she and Tom split custody and she continued pursueing him. He wasn't interested in the least and in December of 1999 Tom and Margo renewed their wedding vows. Emily showed up at the reception and Margo proceded to push Emily's face into a cake!

Emily and Chris
Emily next moved on to Tom's youngest brother Chris Hughes. For a while, Emily was obsessed with getting Jake McKinnon and even tried impersonating his dead wife. Chris got fed up with Emily's shenanigans and one day kissed her to shut her up.

Chris pursued her for a while and Emily resisted. They worked together at her new newspaper the Intruder. Chris and Emily finally did the nasty one night in the newspaper offices. Their affair continued, but for Emily remained only sexual. She finally broke it off with Chris when he told her that he loved her. She said he was sweet but she didn't have those kind of feelings for him.
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