Birthday 1994
Mother Susan Stewart
Father Larry McDermott
Siblings half-sister, Emily Stewart
Paternal Grandparents L.J. McDermott
Maternal Grandparents Julia and Fred Burke (Susan's parents)
Nieces and Nephews Daniel Hughes
Played By Amy Princine (baby)
Kristi Marie Richiutti
Jill Shackner (young child)
Sarah Hyland (child)
Jessica Dunphy (teenager)
Marnie Schulenburg (adult)
Misc. Facts

Alison's half-sister Emily is actually her biological mother. When Susan and her much younger husband Larry decided to have a child they used one of Emily's eggs. Susan carried the child and gave birth to her.

Larry McDermott was a pediatrician at Memorial and when he and Susan finally got married he wanted children. Susan wasn't so keen on the idea but eventually gave in and they began fertility testing. The tests showed that Larry had a good sperm count and excellent motility (more info than I needed personally). They found out that the only way they could have a child together was if they got an egg donor. Emily said that she would volunteer.

The first time they did the in vitro procedure it did not work. The second time, it did and Alison came nine months later.

Alison's father Larry lives in Chicago now.

Alison recently returned on screen (she's been in town all along, just growing apparently). She and Susan were at Memorial waiting to hear from Carly about Emily, who's been missing for months. While she was there she met Lucy Montgomery and the two are becoming friends. Alison goes by the name Alison Stewart now, as opposed to Alison McDermott.

Alison's having some growing pains right now and she's become a miniature version of her mother and her sister. She is following Aaron Snyder around, apparently looking for that male validation or whatever that she never got from her "I want a baby! I want a baby!" father who dropped out of her live when she was about 1. Alison is also semi-friends with Lucy Montgomery, who doesn't put up with her garbage and sees through her attempts to screw up Lucy's relationship with Aaron.

Talk about growing pains. Alison apparently spent some time as a porn actress before returning to, or being dragged back to, Oakdale. Oh and she was a druggie. Way to produce winners Susan!

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