Birthday September 13, 1998
Mother Denise Maynard Dixon
Father Andrew Dixon
Paternal Grandparents Kim Hughes and John Dixon
step-grandfather, Bob Hughes
Paternal Great-Grandparents step-great grandparents, Chris and Nancy Hughes (Bob's parents)
Aunts Sabrina Hughes (Andy's half-sister)
Margo Hughes (Andy's half-sister)
Frannie Hughes (Andy's step-sister and cousin)
Uncles Duke Kramer Dixon (Andy's half-brother)
MJ Dixon (Andy's half-brother) Johnny Dixon (Andy's half-brother, deceased)
Tom Hughes (Andy's step-brother and brother-in-law)
Great Aunts and Uncles greataunt, Jennifer Sullivan Ryan (Andy's mother Kim's sister)
step-greatuncle, Don Hughes
step-greataunt, Penny Hughes Cunningham (Andy's mother Kim's sister-in-law)
step-greataunt, Susan Hughes (Andy's mother Kim's sister-in-law, deceased)
First Cousins Adam Hughes Munson (Andy's half-sister Margo's son)
Casey Hughes (Andy's half-sister Margo and step-brother Tom's son)
Daniel Hughes (Andy's step-brother Tom's son)
Lien Hughes (Andy's step-brother Tom's daughter)
Played By Rebecca Anderson (baby)
Catherine Braun
Sophie Spencer King
Mariah D'Aprilie (child)
Misc. Facts Hope was born in the backroom of the Oasis in 1998 to Denise Maynard. Denise sold her to Gary Rady right after she was born. Gary, working for Reid Hamilton/David Stenbeck, switched Denise's daughter with Lily and Holden Snyder's newborn daughter.

Lily and Holden named the baby (Denise's child) Hope Snyder.

Eventually Denise reclaimed her child and kept her name Hope.

Hope's father, Andy Dixon, didn't know he was her father until recently.

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