Tom, Nancy, and Penny
Margo and Tom at the police station. This is Jason Kincaid as Tom.
Jason Kincaid as Tom.
Tom talks to Bob just before Chris and Nancy's 50th wedding anniversary. This is Gregg Marx.
Tom and Dee catch up when she returns for Chris and Nancy's 50th anniversary.
Tom talks to Dee.
After Chris' death, Nancy is telling the family that they are twice blessed because of Christina Nancy's birth and Kim's impending delivery. Tom pipes up and says that they are thrice blessed because Margo is pregnant too! Unfortunately, Margo lost that child when she was almost full-term. (the reception for these pictures was awful)
Tom walked over to open the door one day and...
...found his daughter, Lien Truong Hughes!
Tom, Margo, and Adam on Christmas 1989.
Tom, Margo, and Adam arrive at Lyla's on Christmas 1990.

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