Birthday May 16, 1995
Mother Lily Snyder
Father biological, Damian Grimaldi
step-father, Holden Snyder
Siblings half-sister, Faith Snyder
step-sister, Abigail Williams
step-brother, Aaron Snyder
Maternal Grandparents biological, Iva Snyder and Josh Stricklyn
adoptive, Lucinda Walsh
Maternal Great-Grandparents Emma Snyder (Iva's adoptive mother)
Caroline Carpenter (Iva's birth mother)
Jared Carpenter (Iva's birth father)
Cal Stricklyn (Josh's biological father)
Paternal Grandparents biological, Bettina Grimaldi
step-grandmother, Emma Snyder
Aunts Rose D'Angelo (Lily's sister)
Sierra Esteban (Lily's sister)
Iva Snyder Benedict (Holden's sister)
Meg Snyder (Holden's sister)
Ellie Snyder (Holden's sister)
Julie Wendell Snyder (by marriage to Holden's brother Caleb)
Great-Aunts Samantha Anderson (Lily's aunt)
Neal Alcott (deceased, Lily's aunt)
Uncles Seth Snyder (Holden's brother)
Caleb Snyder (Holden's brother)
Jason Benedict (by marriage to Holden's sister Iva)
Josh Sticklyn (by marriage to Holden's sister Meg)
Great-Uncles Royce Keller (Lily's uncle)
Kirk Anderson (by marriage to Lily's aunt Sam)
Cousins Eduardo Grimaldi (Damian's cousin, deceased)
M.J. Dixon (Iva's son)
Aaron Snyder (Julie's son)
Pete Wendell (Julie's son)
Bryant Montgomery (Sierra's son, deceased)
Lucy Montgomery> (Sierra's daughter)
Great-Cousins Georgia Tucker Silva (Sam's daughter)
Eddie Silva (by marriage to Georgia)
Played By Spencer Goodnow (as an infant)
Sean Cohan
Jeremy Ian Zelig (young child)
Christopher Tavani (child)
Misc. Facts Luke was born on the floor of the Snyder kitchen and he was delivered by his now step-father Holden Snyder.

His father has become a monk and has all but abandoned him. Luke used to call Holden "Daddy Holden" but has shortened it recently to "Daddy."

Luke recently began first grade.

Luke was nicknamed "Lucky Luciano" by his aunt Rose.
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