Birthday November 11, 1999
Mother Victoria McKinnon (deceased)
Father Jake McKinnon (deceased)
Siblings twin sister, Bridget McKinnon
half-brother, Kirkland Harrison
half-brother, Steven Frame
step-sister, Abigail Williams
Maternal Grandparents Donna Love and Michael Hudson (deceased)
Maternal Great-Grandparents Clara Hudson (Michael's mother)
Elizabeth and Reginald Love (Donna's parents, deceased)
Paternal Grandparents Ray and Alice McKinnon
Aunts Marley Love (Vicky's sister)
Uncles Kevin Anderson (Jake's half-brother)
Nick Hudson (Vicky's half-brother)
Great-Aunts and Uncles John Hudson (Michael's brother)
Peter Love (Donna's brother)
Nicole Love (Donna's sister)
Played By Jenna and Kayla McGrane (first day only)
Megan and Lauren Ferrara (current twins)
Misc. Facts

Michelle and her twin sister Bridget were born 3 days after their mom's plane crashed. They were raised for the first year of their lives by a fisherman and his wife in Canada. They were reunited with their dad on February 19, 2001.

Bridget and Michele's dad Jake was killed by their psycho nanny Mary on April 30, 2002. So now they're left with step-mom Molly, grandma Donna, and Aunt Marley to raise them since both mom and dad have died.

Jenna and Kayla McGrane are the backup twins for now. The new little girls, Megan and Lauren Ferrara, are now playing the roles. Jenna and Kayla played the girls the day Jake found them and Megan and Lauren have played the role since.

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