Birthday before 1985
Mother Molly Conlan (birth mother)
Diana Williams (adoptive mother)
Lily Walsh Snyder (step-mother)
Father Holden Snyder (birth father)
Mitch Williams (adoptive father)

half-sister, Faith Snyder
half-brother, Aaron Snyder
step-brother, Luke Grimaldi

step-sister, Bridget McKinnon
step-sister, Michele McKinnon

Aunts Iva Snyder Benedict (Holden's sister)
Ellie Snyder (Holden's sister)
Meg Snyder (Holden's sister
Julie Wendell Snyder (by marriage to Caleb)
Sierra Montgomery (Lily's sister)
Rose D'Angelo (Lily's sister)
Uncles Caleb Snyder
Seth Snyder
Jason Benedict (by marriage to Iva)
Josh Stricklyn (by marriage to Meg)
First Cousins MJ Dixon (Iva's son)
Aaron Snyder (Julie's son)
Bryant Montgomery (Sierra's son)
Lucy Montgomery (Sierra's daughter)
Jenny Wendell (step-cousin)
Pete Wendell (step-cousin)
Lily Walsh Snyder (step-cousin by Holden's sister Meg's marriage to Lily's father Josh)
Rose D'Angelo (step-cousin by Holden's sister Meg's marriage to Rose's father Josh)
Played By Emmy Rossum (child)
Kristina Sisco (teenager)
Misc. Facts Abigail is the daughter of Molly Conlan and Holden Snyder. She was conceived when Molly was a young teenager and Holden never knew about her. Molly's father forced her to give her baby up for adoption when she was born and Abigail went to the Williams family.

In 1997 Molly and Holden went to find their daughter and realized that she was happy where she was. Abigail came to find Molly in 1999 and after a while her parents allowed her to live with Holden when they moved to Saudi Arabia. When things began getting weird between Lily (actually Rose) and Holden, Abigail moved in with Molly. Right now Abigail lives with Jake, Molly, and Jake's twin daughters Bridget and Michelle in Jake's penthouse apartment.

Abigail dated Chris Hughes, but they broke up when she found out that he'd unknowingly slept with her mother. Afterwards she developed a crush on Bryant Montomery, but he fell for Abigail's best friend Jenn instead.

She's currently dating Adam Hughes Munson. They are both freshman communications majors at Oakdale University. Abigail recently found out that her presumed dead birth father is alive... albeit in Malta.

Abigail got very close with Molly's ex-boyfriend Nick. Adam got jealous of their closeness and slept with a girl named Brandy. Abigail was royally ticked when she found out and ran to Nick again. Molly tried to warn Abigail off Nick by telling her about her past with him, but Abigail wasn't sure who to believe.

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