Birthday around mid-August 1969
Mother biological, Iva Snyder Benedict
adoptive, Lucinda Walsh
Father biological, Josh Stricklyn
Siblings twin sister, Rose D'Angelo
adoptive sister, Sierra Montgomery
adoptive sister, Bianca Marquez Walsh
half-brother, MJ Dixon
Children Luke Grimaldi (with Damian Grimaldi)
Faith Snyder (with Holden Snyder)
baby-to-be (with Holden Snyder)
step-daughter, Abigail Williams
step-son, Aaron Snyder
Paternal Grandparents Elizabeth Snyder and Cal Stricklyn
Maternal Grandparents Emma Snyder (Iva's adoptive mother)
Jared Carpenter (Iva's birth father)
Caroline Carpenter (Iva's birth mother)
Gloria Walters (Lucinda's mother)
Aunts Samantha Anderson (Lucinda's sister)
Neal Alcott (Lucinda's sister)
Meg Snyder (Iva's adoptive sister)
Ellie Snyder (Iva's adoptive sister)
Julie Wendell (by marriage to Iva's brother Caleb)
Angel Lange (by marriage to Iva's brother Seth)
Lily Walsh Snyder (by marriage to her own uncle)
Uncles Kirk Anderson (by marriage to Lucinda's sister Sam)
Royce Keller (Lucinda's brother)
Holden Snyder (Iva's adoptive brother)
Caleb Snyder (Iva's adoptive brother)
Seth Snyder (Iva's adoptive brother)
First Cousins Faith Snyder (Lily's uncle Holden's daughter, with herself)
Luke Grimaldi (step-cousin, Holden's step-son)
Abigail Williams (Holden's daughter)
Aaron Snyder (uncle Holden and aunt Julie's son)
Pete Wendell (Lily's uncle Caleb's step-son)
Jenny Wendell (Lily's uncle Caleb's step-daughter)
Nieces and Nephews Bryant Montgomery (Sierra's son, deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (Sierra's daughter)
Love Interests Dusty Donovan
Derek Mason
Damian Grimaldi
Holden Snyder
Simon Frasier
Played By Lucy Deakins (young teen)
Heather Rattray (adult)
Martha Byrne (teen through adult)
Misc. Facts

Lily may have the most disgusting family tree, but at least she's never slept with a blood relative (yet).

Lily is pregnant with Holden's child again. She found out right before Holden's son, Aaron showed up.

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