Birthday 1958
Mother Ellen Stewart (biological)
Betty Stewart (adoptive)
Father Tim Cole (biological)
David Stewart (adoptive)
Siblings sister, Dee Stewart
sister, Annie Stewart
step-brother, Paul Stewart
Children Emily Stewart (with Susan Stewart)
Betsy Stewart (with Liz Talbot)
Maternal Grandparents Claire English Lowell and James Lowell, Jr.
Maternal Great-Grandparents Alice Lowell and James Lowell, Sr.
Nieces Nancy and Maria Ward (Annie's kids)
Nephews Lord Stewart Markham Cushing (Paul's son)
Lowell and Gregory Ward
Played By Paul O'Keefe (child)
Doug Chapin
Jeff Rowland
John Colenback (adult)
John Reilly (adult)
Misc. Facts AKA Jimmy Lowell
Ellen Lowell had an affair with Tim Cole and got pregnant. She gave birth to a little boy whom she named Jimmy Lowell. He was then given up for adoption and David and Betty Stewart adopted him and renamed him Dan Stewart.

A while later, Ellen began to suspect that David and Betty's son Dan was actually her son (apparently she didn't know who'd gotten her baby). This bothered Betty who just wanted Ellen out of their lives.

Eventually Ellen found out the truth, and she and David married.

Dan's Girls
Everyone thought that Betsy Stewart was Dan's brother Paul's daughter. It wasn't until just before Dan died that he and Betsy found out the truth. They had very little time together as father and daughter.

Dan's marriage to Susan Stewart produced another daughter, Emily. He also had a relatively short time with Emily too.

Despite their short times together Dan must've had a big impact on both of his daughters' lives... they both named their only children after him, Dani Andropolous and Daniel Hughes.

Dan and Kim
Shortly after Dan and Kim finally got married he found out that he had an inoperable brain tumor. He lived for a while, but once it got really bad he told his family and soon after he died.

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