These are links to the individual picture pages for each kid.
Bryant Montgomery Son of Craig Montgomery and Sierra Reyes
Katie Peretti Daughter of Lyla Montgomery and Casey Peretti
Andy Dixon Son of John Dixon and Kim Hughes
Emily Stewart Daughter of Susan and Dan Stewart
Betsy Stewart Daughter of Liz Talbot and Dan Stewart
Annie Stewart Daughter of Ellen and David Stewart
Adam Hughes Munson Son of Margo Hughes and Hal Munson
Casey Hughes Son of Tom and Margo Hughes
Chris Hughes Son of Bob and Kim Hughes
Christina Hughes Daughter of Don and Mary Hughes
Frannie Hughes Daughter of Bob Hughes and Jennifer Sullivan
Bridget and Michelle McKinnon Twin daughters of Jake and Vicky McKinnon
Jennifer Munson Daughter of Darryl Crawford and Barbara Ryan
Danielle Andropolous Daughter of Steve and Betsy Andropolous
Ward Quads 2 sons and 2 daughters of Jeff Ward and Annie Stewart
Carrie Crawford Daughter of Darryl and Carolyn Crawford
Paul Ryan Son of Barbara Ryan and James Stenbeck
Bonnie McKechnie Daughter of Jessica Griffin and Duncan McKechnie
Tom Hughes Son of Lisa Grimaldi and Bob Hughes
Aaron Snyder Son of Julie Wendell Snyder and Holden Snyder
Matthew John Dixon Son of Iva Snyder and John Dixon
If any of this info is incorrect, please email me to let me know!
Most of it was taken from watching old tapes, but some were guesses.

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