Mother Lyla Montgomery Peretti
Father John Dixon, biological father
Bart Montgomery, step-father
Siblings half-sister, Cricket Montgomery Ross
half-sister, Katie Peretti Frazier
half-brother, Craig Montgomery
half-brother, Duke Kramer
half-brother, Andy Dixon
half-brother, MJ Dixon
half-brother, Johnny Dixon (deceased)
Children Adam Hughes Munson (son with Hal Munson)
Casey Robert Hughes (son with Tom Hughes)
Daniel Stewart Hughes (step-son)
Lien Hughes (step-daughter)
Aunts Maggie Crawford Andropolous (Lyla's sister)
Annette Wagner (John's sister)
Uncles Frank Andropolous (by marriage)
First Cousins Jill Andropolous (adopted by Frank and Maggie)

Bryant Montgomery (Craig's son, deceased)
Billy Ross (Cricket's son)
Baby Ross (Cricket's third son or daughter)

Nieces Lucinda Marie Montgomery (Craig's daughter)
Suzie Ross (Cricket's daughter)
Hope Dixon (Andy's daughter)
Love Interests

James Stenbeck (dated)
Tom Hughes (married)
Alec Wallace (had affair with)
Eddie Silva (flirtation)

Played By Margaret Colin (young adult)
Hillary B. Smith (adult)
Glynnis O'Connor (adult)
Ellen Dolan (adult)
Misc. Facts Coming soon!

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