Thomas Christopher Hughes Tom's middle name is after his grandfather, Bob's father Chris Hughes.
Frances Jennifer Hughes Frannie's middle name is after her mother, Jennifer Sullivan Ryan.
Ryder Hughes Ryder's birth name was Teddy Ellison (he was adopted by the Ellison's after Joyce Colman gave birth to him). When his adoptive mother Mary married Don Hughes Teddy took the last name Hughes. When he returned to town a teenager in 1996 he called himself Ryder.
Nancy Ward Nancy is named after Nancy Hughes and Nancy Reagan.
Lowell Ward Lowell is named after the Lowell family
Danielle Andropolous Dani is named after her grandfather, Dan Stewart.
Christina Nancy Hughes Christina's first name is for her late grandfather Chris Hughes (he died shortly before she was born) and her middle name is after Nancy Hughes, her grandmother.
Christopher Robert Hughes Chris' first name is for his late grandfather Chris Hughes (he died shortly before Chris' birth) and his middle name is after his father Bob Hughes.
Whitney & Brian Duncan McColl Whitney is named after her late grandfather Whit McColl. Brian Duncan is named after his father, Brian McColl, and his grandfather, Duncan McKechnie.
Bryant Craig Montgomery Bryant's first name is his father Craig's middle name, his middle name is his father's first name.
Adam Christopher Harold Hughes Following his birth in Greece, Adam was christened "Adam Craig John Casey Pappas Stavros Hanyotas Hughes." The middle names were all of his godfathers. After he returned to Oakdale he was christened again, the name at left. Adam is for the dead son of the woman who found Craig on the beach after his plane went down. Christopher is for Adam's adoptive father Tom's grandfather. Harold is for Adam's father Hal.
Jennifer Louise Munson Jennifer is named after her late grandmother, Jennifer Sullivan Ryan.
Carolyn Dana Crawford Carrie is named after her late mother, Carolyn, and her surrogate mother Dana Lambert.
Lucinda Marie Montgomery Lucy is named after her two grandmothers. Her first name is after Lucinda, and her middle name is after her other grandmother Lyla's middle name, Marie.
Casey Robert Hughes Casey is named after his late step-grandfather, Casey Peretti. His middle name is for his other grandfather, Bob Hughes.
William Ryan Munson Will's named after Hal's brother William (he was called Billy however), his middle name is for his mother, Barbara Ryan's last name.
Bonnie McKechnie Bonnie got her name because her father, Duncan, called her his "Bonnie Lassie" when he saw her for the first time.
Matthew John Dixon (MJ) MJ's middle name is for his father John Dixon.
Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi Lucinda thought that Luke was named after her, but he was not. He was named Luciano for 'light' and Eduardo after the late Eduardo Grimaldi.
Hope Dixon Hope was named by Lily and Holden Snyder (she had been switched at birth). She was sick at the time and they decided the name was appropriate.
Faith Snyder Faith was originally named Melinda when she was kidnapped by Reid Hamilton/David Stenbeck shortly after her birth. When Lily and Holden Snyder got her back they renamed their year-old daughter Faith.
Parker Joe Dixon Parker's mother Carly was originally going to name her son Joe but decided that Parker sounded more upscale for a wealthy child. Joe is his middle name now.
Daniel Hughes Daniel is named after his late grandfather, Dan Stewart. Originally, his mother Emily Stewart wanted to name him after his father Tom Hughes, but Tom said no.
Bridget McKinnon Bridget is named after the Scottish woman who raised her mom, Vicky. Bridget Connell died in 1996. Vicky asked that one of her daughters be named after Bridget before she died.
Michelle McKinnon Michelle is named after her grandfather, Michael Hudson (Vicky's father). He died in 1998. Vicky asked that one of her daughters be named after Michael before she died.
If any of this info is incorrect, please email me to let me know!
Most of it was taken from watching old tapes, but some were guesses.

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